Netflix wins the Tom's Guide Award for top streaming service

The best streaming service is Netflix
(Image credit: Netflix)

One of the pioneers in streaming, Netflix remains atop our list of the best streaming services thanks to its enormous library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy specials, kids programming and — most importantly — acclaimed and buzzworthy originals. 

Its three subscription plans cater to different budgets and needs. That’s why Netflix wins the first ever Tom’s Guide Award for the best streaming service.  

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Netflix remains the model of a top-notch streamer, both in technology and content. The slick interface makes it easy to browse the thousands of titles, while the recommendations algorithm helps viewers find the kind of content they want to watch. 

Every show and movie is tagged with specific metadata, as a Netflix tagger explained to Tom’s Guide, so that the service can serve up more of the irreverent comedies or heartfelt TV dramas or suburban-dysfunction shows you enjoy. And Netflix continues to roll out new features and improvements over the years, like a Top 10 list of popular programs and better parental controls.

If content is king, then Netflix has a firm hold on that crown, in part to award-winning shows like The Crown. Rarely does a month pass without some new Netflix original becoming a pop culture sensation. 

And the company makes such a wide variety of shows, so there truly is something for everyone — from Stranger Things to The Witcher to Love Is Blind to Tiger King. In recent years, Netflix has made big investments in original films like the Oscar-nominated The Irishman and Marriage Story.

With new streaming services launching what feels like every week, Netflix won’t have as much licensed content since it will be kept in house at Disney Plus, HBO Max and the rest. But despite that, the service continues to boast more great content than you can watch in a lifetime. 

That, combined with its excellent technology and world-class user experience makes Netflix the unanimous choice for Tom’s Guide’s first-ever streaming service award.

Kelly Woo
Streaming Editor

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