Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ could launch alongside Surface Laptop 4

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2
(Image credit: Regan Coule/Tom's Guide)

Microsoft’s next round of product reveals could include the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+, an updated and more professionally-minded version of the Surface Headphones 2.

While this new set of over-ear headphones is not as heavily leaked as other upcoming products, like the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, Windows Central reported that it’s in the works and will be “Teams Certified” for better performance with Microsoft’s videoconferencing software.

For the most part, the Surface Headphones 2 Plus will largely match the existing Surface Headphones 2 design. That apparently includes removable ear cushions, though Windows Central reported that Microsoft will actually sell replacement cushions — for all previous Surface Headphones models, you could only get new cushions with a warranty claim.

The biggest potential change is a switch from Bluetooth connectivity to a dedicated USB dongle. That’s according to regular Microsoft tipster Brad Sams, who tweeted that the Surface Headphones 2 Plus will include a dongle that will make it “Teams Certified.” Presumably, this would grant the new model better sound quality and/or a more reliable connection than Bluetooth 5.0, which the Surface Headphones 2 uses.

Microsoft may be trying the same approach here as it did with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+: upgrading an existing design to better suit professional users, while leaving the door open for more ambitious follow-ups (like the Surface Pro 8) down the line. 

That said, the Surface Pro 7+ made a range of significant changes, like adding replaceable storage and upgrading battery capacity. By comparison, the Surface Headphones 2+ changing its wireless connection method might not prove a compelling enough reason for existing Surface Headphones owners to switch.

Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal its imminent hardware plans soon, so we can know for sure. Windows Central expects at least the Surface Headphones 2+ and Surface Laptop 4 to break cover this Spring, so it could only be a few weeks.

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