Live TV on Plex offers 80+ free channels to tempt cord-cutters

Plex Live TV
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Heads up, channel surfers: Live TV on Plex is the newest live TV streaming service, offering more than 80 channels for your viewing pleasure. And it's completely free!

Plex announced today that it's launching a new feature that brings free, live TV to the popular streaming media platform to live alongside ad-supported movies and shows, podcasts, streaming music and personal media. Live TV on Plex could be a strong contender among the best free streaming services

The 80-plus channels stream live news from Reuters and Yahoo Finance, sports programming from fubo Sports Network, kids shows like Toon Goggles, gaming and esports on IGN1 and two new LGBTQ+ channels from Revry. And there's also comedy, game shows, anime and more available on Live TV on Plex. And users can customize the order and visibility of Live TV in their personal settings.

"Two of the most important factors for an enjoyable streaming experience are easily being able to find something of interest to watch, and being able to watch it from any device you choose,” said Keith Valory, CEO of Plex, in a press release. “Plex offers consumers across the globe a simple yet powerful platform for access to all types of content that can be streamed from all types of devices."

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Live TV on Plex shouldn't be confused with the platform's already-existing "over the air" TV and DVR features, which require a digital antenna and tuner so that you can watch local channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The CW and PBS. 

Instead, Live TV on Flex offers many of the same ad-supported channels you'll find on free streaming services like Pluto TV, Tubi and IMDBtv. You'll be able to watch TV shows like America's Funniest Home Videos, Wipeout, Bob Ross art lessons and Tastemade cooking programs. 

Channel surfing has become a thing of the past, with the advent of on-demand streaming via Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus. But it's making a comeback via live TV services. The recently-launched Peacock also offers a channels section for users who want to browse.

Live TV on Plex grid

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The Plex app is available on your mobile phone, smart TV, laptop, or tablet. The company noted on its blog that the new Live TV service will roll out throughout the day to Apple TV, iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android mobile, Android TV, and web desktop, with updates for smart TVs and gaming consoles coming soon. 

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