How to use macOS — essential tips and tricks

How to use macOS
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Trying to figure out how to use macOS — and master its tricks to the point where you teach others — may not seem easy at first. That's where we come in.

Whether you’re looking to capture screenshots, record your screen or uninstall apps to free up more storage space, our macOS tips will give you all the help you need with step-by-step instructions. 

If you’re looking for more advanced tips, we’ve got you covered there as well. We’ll show you how to show the hidden files on your Mac, as well as do a full reset if something goes really wrong or you need to upgrade.

How to screenshot on a Mac

So we're going to start with the basics, teaching you all the ways to make screen captures on your Mac. 

How to record screen on a Mac

After that, you'll level up to recording your screen for making videos, a key trick that comes in handy when you need help — or want to teach someone how to do something.

How to copy and paste on a Mac

For the switchers out there, we've got some guides to the basics, including everything you need to know about cut, copy and paste on a Mac. That includes tricks about how to learn how different applications work, and how to copy and paste images out of websites. 

How to force quit on Mac

Don't worry about the inevitable app crashes either. We've got notes explaining how to force quit on a Mac. Because in this side of the computing world, Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't do you any help.

How to uninstall apps on Mac

Need to clear space? We've got all the notes on uninstalling macOS apps you could ask for. 

How to print screen on a Mac

You loved to use Print Screen on the PC, and with our guide you'll know how to do it on your Mac too.

How to show the hidden files in Mac

And for power users, we show you how to reveal all the hidden files on your Mac. Just be careful when you use that, you don't want to use it to clear space on your drive — down that road lies danger.

How to reset a MacBook Pro and any other Mac

If everything goes wrong, or you just want to sell your Mac when it's time to upgrade, we've got a guide for resetting your Mac. 

Once you've read all of our guides, you'll be ready to pass along this knowledge to the new users in your life. Or, in our case, show your parents how to use the Mac they bought when they were tired of all the Windows 10 update fails.

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