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Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly cost under $900 and launch in February

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Galaxy Fold has not turned out to be the revolution that Samsung had promised. And it's not just because of the durability questions. Costing $1,980, this is not a phone intended for the masses. But mass adoption of foldable phones is exactly what Samsung is planning on..

According to the Korea Herald (via Android Central), the second Samsung foldable phone — which could be called the Galaxy Fold 2 — is rumored to launch in February alongside the Galaxy S11 with a vertical clamshell design much like the recently revealed Motorola Razr 2019.

More important, the Fold 2 may sell for around 1 million won ($840 or £646 converted at the time of writing), according to this report.

If true, this phone would be over $1,000 cheaper than the Galaxy Fold or its major rival the Huawei Mate X, and a little over half the price of the $1,500 Razr.

Samsung isn’t giving up on the Fold though. The Galaxy Fold will be arriving on store shelves in more countries next year, and an upgraded version is expected around August 2020. All of this will feed into Samsung’s aims to sell 6 million foldable devices in 2020 and 20 million by 2021, figures given to the Korea Herald by Choi Bo-young, Samsung analyst for Kyobo Securities.

Earlier this month, Samsung revealed the W20 5G at a Beijing event, which is almost identical to the basic Galaxy Fold but upgrades the CPU to a Snapdragon 855+ and looks to have improved the outer frame so that the phone folds up tighter, preventing damage to the display or internal components.

In our review of the Galaxy Fold we concluded that while the phone was innovative, the price was too big a hurdle for us to recommend it fully. And the front display was too small to be useful.

Making a foldable that costs the same or even less as the current crop of $1,000 flagships could do wonders for the uptake of foldable devices, so if these rumors are true, 2020 could finally be the year of the foldable phone.