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Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date, trailer, demo

final fantasy 7 remake
(Image credit: Square Enix)

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is such a big game that it needs to come out in episodic releases.

Thankfully, it appears that fans of the original game will get the same story they loved from the original, complete with beloved scenes between Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart. 

Additionally, the Active Time Battle (ATB) gameplay from the original FF7 is getting a bit of an update, while trying to stay true to the original system. It should be enough to modernize the game for today's audiences without diluting a classic.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date 

We waited for a Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date for years, so what's another month or so? Originally scheduled for March 3, 2020, Square Enix announced that it would push the Final Fantasy 7 Remake back to April 10, 2020.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase, in a post on Square Enix's website, attributed the changed date to "a few extra weeks to apply final polish to the game and to deliver you with the best possible experience."

The $80 deluxe edition comes with a steelbook case, hard-back artbook, mini-soundtrack CD and two Summon Materia DLC packs: Cactuar and Chocobo Chick. There's also the $329 1st Class edition, which includes PLAY ARTS KAI action figures of Cloud and his Hardy Daytona bike. Also, you get a Carbuncle Summon Materia DLC. 

Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC?

Right now, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is only slated to come out on PS4. That hasn't stopped folks at sites like PC Gamer from hoping a PC version may come out some day.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer 

We've had a few Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailers so far, with the most recent debuting at the 2019 Game Awards show. This latest trailer showed a bit of gameplay, but mostly focused on protagonist Cloud Strife, the spiky-haired swordsman who's reluctant about joining a resistance movement.

The trailer earned a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" for its scenes where Cloud talks to Tifa and Aeris. Back in June at E3 2019, we got a longer look at the FF7 Remake, in a trailer that showed off the revamped combat system, and gave Cloud and the villainous Sephiroth a small face-off.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay 

The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer from E3 gave us our first long look at the revamped gameplay. When we got hands-on time with FFVII Remake at the convention, we got to tussle with goons at the Shinra plant, as well as the memorable Scorpion Tank boss.

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