Facebook dark mode is rolling out to iOS — but there's a catch

Facebook dark mode
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Facebook dark mode is finally rolling out to iPhones — but only to a select group of users. 

The social networking giant started testing dark mode on Android earlier this year, then brought Facebook dark mode to desktop in May. Now, it's becoming available on iPhones, but for a "small percentage of users globally right now," according to SocialMedia Today.

Dark mode has become a popular visual option for apps in recent years. It changes the background color to black, while the text becomes white. That makes the app easier to see and use for some people; others find it more aesthetically pleasing. Facebook has said that dark mode helps minimize screen glare, especially in low light settings. It also saves on a battery life, since you don't need to use the highest brightness. 

Twitter has had night mode for its Android and iOS apps for years. Google also launched dark mode for its app and on Chrome. And several other Facebook-owned apps already have it, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. 

A system-wide dark mode option launched with iOS 13 last year, so perhaps Facebook is testing its iPhone app version on a select group of users before rolling it out wide with iOS 14

If you happen to be one of the lucky users to get Facebook dark mode, here's how to switch to it.

How to get Facebook dark mode on iPhone

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the three lines at the far right side of the bottom menu bar.
  3. Tap Settings & Privacy.
  4. Select Dark Mode.

Facebook did not reveal a timeline for introducing dark mode to all mobile users. 

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