Emma Select mattress range launches at major bed retailer – with up to £670 off

New Emma mattress range aims to tackle three common sleep issues: The Emma Diamond Hybrid
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When it comes to sleep challenges, being too warm in bed is one of the most frustrating. Feeling restless and too uncomfortable to drift off is another. That's why we're intrigued by the Emma Select mattress range, which debuted online this week. The collection is made up of six models designed to help you overcome some pesky sleep challenges and to enjoy a better night's rest.

The range comprises the Emma Select Smart (from £799), the Emma Select Helix (from £999) and the Emma Select Diamond (from £1,269), with each available in two levels of comfort: firm or hybrid. While Emma is one of the best mattress companies online, the Select collection isn't available to buy direct from Emma as with the brand's existing models. 

Until this week it was only available at a few small independent stores in the UK, but now you can shop the entire Select range online at Furniture Village. Of course, it's also available to try in-store. Here’s what you need to know about the Emma Select collection, including the different models, prices, features, and which sleep challenges they're designed to help you with... 

Emma Select | From £799 From £599 at Furniture Village
Save up to £670

Emma Select | From £799 From £599 at Furniture Village
Save up to £670
- To celebrate the arrival of the Emma Select range, Furniture Village is offering savings on all models, with prices now starting from £599. Each mattress comes on a 100-night trial, and you'll get two free pillows and a free mattress protector on the double, king and super king sizes.

Emma Select mattress: price and sizes

As mentioned above, the Emma Select collection focuses on three different sleep technologies and offers two comfort levels (firm or hybrid). Without a discount, they are priced as follows:

  • Emma Select Smart Firm - from £799 to £1,329
  • Emma Select Smart Hybrid - from £799 to £1,329
  • Emma Select Helix Firm - from £999 to £1,599
  • Emma Select Helix Hybrid - from £999 to £1,599
  • Emma Diamond Firm - from £1,269 to £2,069
  • Emma Diamond Hybrid - from £1,269 to £2,069

The Emma Select Helix Firm mattress shown on a light wood bed frame

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If you’re familiar with the Emma Original (from £449 at Emma UK) and Emma Premium (from £699 at Emma UK), you’ll have spotted that the Select range is priced higher. There are new and exclusive materials at play in the Select models though, especially in the cooling Emma Diamond, so we aren’t surprised to see they cost more. 

All Emma Select mattresses are available to buy now and come in single, small double, double, king size and super king sizes. As mentioned, Furniture Village is currently offering up to £670 off an Emma Select. The biggest savings are on the super king size Emma Select Diamond, which is on sale for £1,399. A double size Emma Select costs from £799 with a discount, depending on the model you buy.

Emma Select mattresses: first look

We rate the Emma Original memory foam mattress in terms of value for money versus comfort and support, and the Select range promises to double down on that. The individual models (Smart, Helix, Diamond) come in a choice of firm or hybrid, with firm recommended if you want a slightly firmer sleeping surface, and hybrid being a good choice for couples. 

That's because it offers more motion isolation, so you won't be so easily disturbed by your partner moving next to you. They’re each designed with handles for easier moving too (you don't need to flip this mattress but it will need rotating), and have removable covers for washing and general hygiene.

The 21cm-deep Emma Select Smart is the cheapest of the trio. It’s designed for better comfort and support, and uses a combination of foam and AquaGel to create a cushioned top layer for precise body contouring. In short, if you need a little more support but have a smaller budget, this is one to consider out of the three.

The Select Smart is designed to adapt to all body types too, so if you feel your biggest sleep challenge is getting comfy enough to drift off, this type of mattress could help. We haven’t reviewed it yet but we’re keen to put it to the test with a range of sleepers to see how well it performs.

The Emma Select Diamond Hybrid with a white top and charcoal colored base

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At 23cm deep the Emma Select Helix is a tad taller than the Select Smart and is suited to hot and restless sleepers. It gets its name from Fusion-Helix tech, used here to help the mattress adapt quicker to each move you make and to provide pressure relief across areas such as your hips and back. We’ve also spotted that the Select Helix uses multiple air channels to aid breathability.

That said, if your main sleep challenge is overheating in bed (where you wake up often in the night because you're too warm), take a look at the Emma Select Diamond. A layer of graphite works to dissipate body heat and push it into the inner graphic core (which sits 3cm below the surface). As such, heat shouldn’t pool at the top of the mattress, so you’ll sleep cooler. 

We're curious to see how effective this graphite layer is in real life, as sleeping hot is a major disruptor of sleep for some people. The Select Diamond is also the plumpest of the three at 25cm deep and, like the other two, comes in a firm or hybrid variant depending on the support you need.

Again, we haven’t tested any of the Emma Select mattresses yet, but Emma has a great reputation in the mattress in a box market so we have high expectations of the Select collection. Each of the newcomers are available on a 100-night trial too, so you can test one for yourself at home to ensure it's the right choice for your sleep.

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