Diablo 4 could launch earlier in 2023 than we expected

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Diablo 4 is currently coming out next year, but that’s all we can say definitively — for now. Recently, two reliable sources have suggested that Blizzard could be targeting an April 2023 release date for the game, with a full announcement to come at The Game Awards 2022 in December. While it’s not an official confirmation, it’s at least good to have a starting point for when we can expect the next entry in Blizzard’s popular action/RPG franchise.

Windows Central and the XboxEra Podcast, both reputable entities in the gaming sphere, heard about Diablo 4’s release date from supposedly reliable sources. While that doesn’t mean the game is set in stone for April 2023, it’s a narrower release window than we currently have. At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in June, Blizzard said that Diablo 4 would come out in 2023, but didn’t specify anything beyond that.

The same sources also suggested that Diablo 4 would have a big presence at this year’s Game Awards, where Blizzard would officially reveal the April 2023 release date. Pre-orders would supposedly also open up during that time, and one pre-order perk would be access to the Diablo 4 open beta in February 2023.

As with any gaming rumor, it’s best to consider this as a possibility rather than an absolute fact. Even if this information is accurate right now, Blizzard could still change its mind between now and next month — or between next month and April. Game release schedules have been in tremendous flux ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and game delays are a common occurrence. Furthermore, Diablo 4 has supposedly been in development since 2014. If fans have already waited eight years, Blizzard might well want another few months to fine-tune the game.

Thanks to extensive trailers and dev diaries, we already know quite a bit about Diablo 4. We know that the game will feature five classes from previous games; we know that it will take place in an open world; we know that there will be a multiplayer-focused endgame. We also know that it will have microtransactions, but hopefully not to the same extent as the extensively monetized Diablo Immortal.

In fact, if you absolutely can’t wait until April 2023 (hopefully) to get your Diablo fix, Tom’s Guide has recommended playing Diablo Immortal to pass the time. It’s a good-enough game, although it can get repetitive unless you’re willing to shell out some money to level up faster. Hopefully, as a full, paid game Diablo 4 will feature better pacing.

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