Deleted Squid Game scene kicks off Netflix Tudum 2022 — watch it here

Pink outfit Squid Game troops monitor the green tracksuit contestants in Squid Game
(Image credit: Youngkyu Park)

Squid Game started Netflix's big day of festivities a little early, as we've noted in our Netflix Tudum live blog. Before today's Tudum live streams for US, Europe and Latin America, a Korean stream aired yesterday (Sept. 23), and its biggest reveal has to be the below deleted scene. While we don't know if we'll get more today — we're hoping for a Squid Game season 2 preview — this is all we have for now.

The clip was presented by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of Squid Game, and while he doesn't say it himself, Netflix's own caption for the video — "The shocking reveal of Front Man in Season 1. An exclusive clip unveils the man behind the survival game," — confirms that this Squid Game season 1 deleted scene was to provide further confirmation of the Front Man's mysterious identity.

But, to be honest, maybe it's just the angle, but he doesn't look a whole lot like actor Lee Byung-hun or his character Hwang In-ho (the brother of detective Jun-ho). Here, he comes home to put a goldfish in a bowl, tying the game's metaphor full-circle.

Then, someone else is seen looking up at In-ho's apartment. No confirmation who this person is, but we'd bet that it's Jun-ho. The detective was never confirmed to be dead, and since he was shot in the shoulder — the same spot as his brother, who survived as well — fans have had reason to believe that Jun-ho is in play in Squid Game season 2. 

We were not told when the scene was meant to appear, but it almost feels like an epilogue for Squid Game. 

Before he delivered that clip, though, director Hwang Dong-hyuk thanked the global audience for their appreciation for Squid Game. He also noted that Squid Game season 2 will be filled with "all-new stories." But some characters are coming back, as he told press at the Emmys that Seong Gi-hun will be seeking revenge in season 2. 

Stay tuned for all the news from Tudum, and check out our guide on how to watch Netflix Tudum online for more details. As noted above, we'll be covering it all in our Tudum live blog.

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