Chromecast and Google TV just got a big upgrade that will save you time

Chromecast with Google TV
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Google just made it easier to install apps on your Android TV, and it means you don’t have to switch on your TV and head to Google Play. there’s an easier to way to install Netflix, if you don’t have it already.

As spotted by Reddit user u/avigi, it’s now possible to install Android TV apps from your phone. Just head into the Google Play store on your phone and select which device you want the device you want the app installed on.

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It’s been possible to remotely install apps on other devices while accessing Google Play on a desktop browser, but this appears to be the first time it’s been possible using the mobile app. However, as commenters on Reddit have noted, it doesn’t seem to be possible to remotely push apps to other phones and tablets.

u/kevjs1982 also posted a number of screenshots showing what an app’s page looks like depending on where it’s actually installed. Evidently the system is pretty much identical to the way Google handles remote installation of Wear OS apps.

Google TV

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It’s all pretty self-explanatory, with Google Play displaying which devices are compatible with any individual app. You’ll also see a tickbox or a separate installation button, depending on whether or not the app in question is already installed on your phone.

While this feature still sounds like it's rolling out, and isn’t available for everyone just yet, it does give you another option on how to add Android apps to your TV — whether it’s one of the best Google TVs or the Chromecast with Google TV. At the very least it means you have a more efficient way of installing apps, rather than navigating Google Play with a TV remote.

For example, once this feature is ready, you could use it to quickly install Philo to watch G4 online — as the rebooted channel is exclusive to that streaming service (though available on other cable packages).

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  • Xajel
    Very good, now lets hope Google and GTV makers fixes the most annoying thing about GTV device.. increase the damn storage!! and add a microSD slot for those who want more for non apps usage, using dongles on a stick is just plain stupid. Or just add a second Type-C port.