Carimali's new Heylo coffee maker brand will focus on induction heating machines

Heylo coffee maker
(Image credit: Heylo)

Carimali unveiled its new sub-brand, Heylo, at the HostMilano trade show last month. The Italian espresso machine maker produces some sophisticated coffee makers already, but will be using the new brand to explore induction heating technology rather than traditional boiler methods of brewing. 

Water is funnelled through metal tubes and electromagnetic induction coils in the induction heating process, removing the need for slower boiler systems. However, users will also be able to adjust how quickly water is pushed through the system to personalise temperature, pressure, and flow rate and use a similar system to froth milk as well.

Heylo received the Innovation Smart Label award at HostMilano, an accolade that recognises the machine's revolutionary design and low energy consumption. This isn't the first time the induction heating machines have been on show, though. 

Carimali debuted an early iteration of the Heylo range at 2019's Host show, with a similar single spout, boxy design, and touchscreen interface. But before that, brands like Aillio and La Fenice had been tinkering with the use of induction heating in both brewing and roasting for a few years. 

Back in 2014, La Fenice introduced the world's first induction coffee maker on Kickstarter. The prototype never made it through to the shelves, but represents the first of its kind and an early step into the energy efficient design that's taking greater strides today. 

Heylo espresso and milk machines will both be available in Spring 2022. 

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