7 best shows like 'Reacher' to watch while you wait for season 3

Alan Ritchson in Reacher season 2
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"Reacher" has been one of Prime Video's biggest shows ever. Based on the novels written by Lee Child, the series tells the story of Jack Reacher, a retired U.S. Army Military Police Major, who lives as a drifter and runs into trouble upon his arrival at Margrave, Georgia.

Where to stream "Reacher"

"Reacher" seasons 1-2 are streaming on Prime Video

Alan Ritchson’s Reacher is a physically imposing presence. He's a far better casting choice than Tom Cruise, who played the character in the previously released films based on the books. In season 1, Reacher helps two local cops solve mysteries and uncover a conspiracy of trusted local officials in the town. Meanwhile, season 2 has Reacher returning to help his former Army unit members, who are being murdered one by one. 

Now that Reacher season 2 is over, you might feel a bit bereft. Here are some shows like Reacher to watch while you wait for season 3. 

'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan'

John Krasinski in Jack Ryan

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"Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," nominated for three Primetime Emmys, offers a similar action-based thriller you've likely enjoyed with "Reacher." John Krasinski stars as the title character, Jack Ryan, who is broken free from his secure CIA desk job to unlock the mystery behind several suspicious transactions. Each season has him traveling to foreign countries, battling terrorism, uncovering corruption, and facing deadly enemies.

Much like "Reacher," this series is based on books, adding richness and depth to the adapted script. Tom Clancy's work has previously been adapted into movies; however, there is something particularly well done about Krasinski's depiction of the character. There is plenty of action to satisfy your need for intense action thrillers. You can also expect lots of intrigue to keep you moving quickly through each season. 

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Titus Welliver in Bosch

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For those who love "Reacher's" theme of a nonconformist hero who solves crimes, you'll want to watch the series "Bosch." In this police procedural crime drama, Harry Bosch, as played by Titus Welliver, is an LAPD detective that investigates suspicious deaths. At the same time, he is battling personal and professional issues, often putting his life and career at risk.

The show has the same gritty and suspenseful tone you find with "Reacher". In addition, this is also based on a series of books; however, this time, they are written by Michael Connelly. The show lasted for seven seasons, was nominated for one Primetime Emmy and has yielded the sequel show "Bosch: Legacy."

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'The Terminal List'

Chris Pratt in The Terminal List

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If you have enjoyed the conspiracy elements of "Reacher," you don't want to miss "The Terminal List." In this series, Chris Pratt's James Reece returns home after an ambush leaves his Navy SEAL Team dead. New evidence emerges that not all is what it seems; however, many people, including his loved ones, question what he knows about the events that occurred when they notice his memory isn't completely intact. 

When his wife and daughter are murdered, things go from bad to worse for him. Reece must fight against rising odds to discover what happened to his loved ones and his team. Like "Reacher" and a few of our other recommendations, this series is based on books, although these are written by Jack Carr. You'll appreciate that Pratt actually trained with a Navy SEAL in preparation for his role, further enhancing his believability as the character.

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Joe Pickett

Michael Dorman in Joe Pickett

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Follow game warden Joe Pickett (Michael Dorman) and his family as they navigate the changing sociopolitical of their small rural town in Wyoming. He investigates the death of a local poacher and, as a result, brings danger to his loved ones, including wife Marybeth (Julianna Guill).

You may not see the immediate overlap between "Joe Pickett" and "Reacher." However, both shows focus on men trying to find justice amid a growing conspiracy in a small town. This show was based on a series written by C.J. Box. Unlike "Reacher's" intense action, some humor is sprinkled throughout Joe Pickett, giving you some light-hearted relief. Unfortunately, the show wasn't renewed for a third season, making it a brief but enjoyable follow-up compared to other series selections.

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'The Killing'

Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos in The Killing

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The American version of the Danish series "The Killing" focuses on Seattle-based detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) as they work together to solve one final crime before Linden leaves for Sonoma. Unlike most police procedural dramas that tend to highlight a single case per episode, the entire first season features only the first two weeks of a single case: the death of Rosie Larsen. 

It's not until the second season that the case is concluded alongside an emerging conspiracy with a Seattle police department that puts Linden's life at risk. The third and fourth seasons bring Linden around again to new cases, even though she has left the department. This show is a perfect follow-up for "Reacher" if you love crime dramas with a messy and gritty feel.

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'SEAL Team'

The cast of SEAL Team

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For those who are into the military background of the main character in "Reacher," you'll want to catch the military-based action drama "SEAL Team." It follows the lives of an elite Navy SEAL team who take on the riskiest missions for their country. David Boreanaz's Jason Hayes is the leader of his unit and struggles with the impact his career has on his personal life. 

Neil Brown Jr.'s Ray Perry, A.J. Buckley's Sonny Quinn, and Max Thieriot's Clay Spenser are all part of his team, each with unique personal challenges that give the show incredible depth. It won't surprise you to learn it was nominated for two Primetime Emmys, making it a show you won't want to miss as you wait for new episodes of "Reacher." 

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Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht in Suits

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Unlikely heroes like Reacher abound on "Suits." Following a drug deal gone bad, college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) sneaks into an interview with successful attorney Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). Specter is impressed by Ross' smarts and photographic memory and hires him to help him win in court and close cases. 

Ross soon realizes he has a lot to learn about the law, while Specter hopes no one else finds out about his new hire's background. The working relationship between the two makes this series well worth watching. However, Meghan Markle's paralegal Rachel Zane, Sarah Rafferty's assistant Donna Paulsen and Rick Hoffman's financial law whiz Louis Litt all provide fascinating subplots to the show.

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