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Bayonetta 3 release date, trailer, gameplay and more

bayonetta 3
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We've only just begun to learn about Bayonetta 3, with enough detail to get fans excited about the next installment in this stylish action series. While Bayonetta started life as a multiplatform game, the series is now a Nintendo exclusive, with the second game debuting on the Wii U, and the third slated for the Switch. 

While we may not know when exactly Bayonetta 3 is coming out, or what the game will include, we do have a short trailer for it, as well as a glimpse at some new weapons for the titular character. 

Read on to find out everything we know about Bayonetta 3 so far, including what we've been able to gleam from its 50-second teaser trailer.

Bayonetta 3 release date

To put it plainly, we don’t know Bayonetta 3’s release date. At present, we don’t even have a window. The game’s teaser trailer — our primary source of Bayonetta 3 information — simply states that the game is “now in development exclusively for Nintendo Switch.” 

That trailer came out in 2017, so the game has been in the works for at least three years. This is enough time to finish most big-budget games, but some development cycles can last up to five years, or even longer.


(Image credit: Nintendo)

If we use past release dates to fuel speculate on future ones, Bayonetta 3 may be due sooner rather than later. The first game debuted in October 2009; the second game came out in September 2014. That’s just about five years between games, and it’s already been more than five since the second came out. 

However, based on what we know from the game's voice actors, Bayonetta 3 doesn't seem slated to launch anytime soon. Grey DeLisle-Griffin, who played Jeanne in the first two games, recently tweeted that the game hasn't started recording voicework yet, as far as she's aware. It's possible that Platinum recast Jeanne, that Jeanne isn't in the game, or that DeLisle-Griffin is playing it coy, but otherwise, it may be a while before Bayonetta 3 debuts.

Bayonetta 3 trailer

Most of what we know about Bayonetta 3 — which, again, is not much right now — comes from a teaser trailer that debuted at The Game Awards in 2017. You can watch the whole 53-second production below:

In it, we see Bayonetta’s ribbon drift down past a blood-red moon, as the protagonist herself gets slammed with a round of attacks from a fiery purple foe. She fires back with two new guns, collapses from the onslaught and — well, that’s about it.

The trailer isn’t really supposed to give us a deep dive into the story or gameplay, just let us know that the game is in the works. In that respect, it gets the job done.


(Image credit: Nintendo)

Bayonetta 3 gameplay

We haven’t seen any concrete gameplay from Bayonetta 3 yet, but we can take a few educated guesses, based on the two previous games. Bayonetta 3 will almost certainly be a fast-paced action game with a high skill ceiling and a somewhat punishing difficulty curve, like its predecessors. 

Expect Bayonetta to juggle foes while using both melee attacks and guns. (The new guns she wields in the trailer are called “Whittingham Fair,” not dissimilar from the “Scarborough Fair” guns in the previous games.)


(Image credit: Sega)

There’ll probably be new vehicle sections, animal transformations and Torture Attacks, many of which would require Freud’s entire canon to parse. Bayonetta 2 refined Bayonetta’s gameplay rather than reinventing it, and we expect the third game to follow a similar pattern.

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