Apple's latest macOS, iPadOS updates are breaking features — here's what we know so far

Universal Control demonstrated on an iPad Pro and MacBook Pro
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Apple released new versions of its macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 operating system software at the end of March and a week later we're seeing widespread reports of problems from Mac and iPad owners after installing these updates.

The problems appear to be happening with features that rely on Apple's Continuity tech, according to complaints spotted by MacRumors across Twitter, Reddit and Apple's own support forums. 

Continuity features include all sorts of little ways in which your Apple devices share data and talk to each other when they're all connected and logged into the same Apple account. This includes useful tricks like copying and pasting things between devices, using the same mouse and keyboard to control a Mac and iPad simultaneously via Universal Control, and more.

Universal Control demonstrated on an iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

Universal Control is neat, when it works. (Image credit: Future)

These features are a key selling point for Apple products because they increase the value and utility of each as you buy more. However, according to widespread user complaints, these features appear to be in jeopardy if you install the macOS Ventura 13.3 or iPadOS 16.4 updates Apple released last month.

One user posted a complaint to Apple's macOS community forum warning that installing macOS 13.3 caused Universal Control to stop working as it normally does between their 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 and their 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021. Several other people responded claiming they had the same problem, though at least one person claimed to solve it by essentially toggling their Intel-based MacBook's firewall and connectivity settings off and on again. 

If you happen to run into these sorts of problems with Continuity features after installing these updates on your Mac or iPad, all reports so far suggest a similar strategy is your best bet for getting things like Handoff and Universal Control working again. 

To wit: Try restarting the machine(s), signing out and back into iCloud on each, switch your firewall/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth off and on again, and switch any broken features off and then on again. With any luck, your Continuity features should start working as usual.


It's disappointing to see so many useful services falter for so many people after Apple issued OS updates that were supposed to improve its software. With any luck, by the time you're reading this the folks at Cupertino will have issued a fix for this problem that ensures you'll never need to worry about it. 

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