Apple Watch 6 leak reveals it could launch tomorrow — but there's a catch

Apple Watch 6 concept
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Apple is reportedly doing something on September 8, and it’s possible that the company could reveal the Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4

Reliable and regular Apple info leaker Jon Prosser reckons Apple will send out a press release on Tuesday 9 a.m. ET (2 p.m. BST and 6 a.m. PT). And from previous leaks, Prosser believes it will announce the Apple Watch 6 and a new iPad

However, other tipsters believe Apple will simply announce when it plans to hold a virtual showcase for the iPhone 12. There have been an increasing amounts of rumors that claim the iPhone 12 will be pushed back to an October release, even if it’s revealed in September.  

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That means there's a gap in the calendar when Apple normally releases a new flagship phone range. Going by other leaks, it could then fill this gap with the Apple Watch 6 and either a new standard iPad or fourth-generation iPad Air. 

Normally Apple launches a new Apple Watch at the same time as the new iPhone, given the two devices are used together. But disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic on Apple’s product development and supply chains may have altered Apple's plans. As such, Apple be staggering its product reveals. 

We’re expecting the Apple Watch 6 to come with a whole suite of new features, such as improved health and wellness tracking - including the ability to detect signs of stress - as well as dropping the Digital Crown in favor of an optical sensor. So it would seem a little off for such a device to simply get announced via a press release. That might be why another tech leaker has the Apple Watch 6 tipped to arrive in October instead. 

The same could arguably be said about the iPad Air 4. It’s set to get a design that will resemble the iPad Pro 2020, with updated specs and support for the Magic Keyboard. But Apple has put its non-pro iPads on the backburner, so revealing them in a simple product announcement press release is more believable. 

We have less than 24 hours to go before we see if Prosser’s leak is correct or if those other other tech tipsters bear fruit. Either way, before the fall comes to a close, we're expecting a lot of new Apple devices to review to see if they're worth the hype. 

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