Apple 'Unleashed' event set for Oct 18 — how to watch and what to expect

Apple Unleashed takes place oct 18
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Apple's not done with product events for the year. The company just announced a an Apple event for this Monday (Oct. 18) at which we're likely to see new Macs powered by Apple's own processors.

Titled simply "Unleashed," the Apple event is a virtual broadcast starting at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. 

The Unleashed event comes a little more than a month after Apple's last product launch, which introduced the iPhone 13 in addition to updated iPad mini and iPad models as well as the Apple Watch 7. With those product launches ticked off, that leaves the MacBook lineup in the biggest need of an update prior to the holiday shopping season.

How to watch the Apple October Event

You'll be able to watch the Apple event on Apple's website at and on YouTube. There's even a preview page up now on YouTube now that we expect will turn into the event live stream once Monday rolls around.

What to expect at the Apple Unleashed event 

Rumors are circulating that Apple has new 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in the works. These would run on Apple's new M1X processor, a new version of the chip Apple first introduced last year.

The M1X is likely an extension of the M1 chip Apple has included in other Macs. This version is expected to feature more Thunderbolt channels and CPU and GPU cores. A next-generation version of the chip, the M2, won't come until next year.

The new MacBooks will feature more than just a new processor. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman is reporting that the machines Apple introduces Monday will be the first big MacBook Pro revamp in five years, with new designs and updated displays.

In addition, one rumored product that didn't appear in September could make its debut this time around. That would be the Apple AirPod 3, a new version of the wireless earbuds that add features like Dolby Atmos support and spatial audio.

The timing of Apple's Monday event is certainly interesting. It comes a day before Google is holding an event of its own. The Pixel Fall Launch event slated for Tuesday, Oct. 19, is expected to focus largely on Google's phones, though.

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