Apple AirTags tipped to launch next month at iPad Pro 2021 event

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We’ve been waiting patiently for Apple AirTags, the long-rumored tracking devices, to appear. And It looks like the wait could finally be over next month when Apple unveils the new iPad Pro 2021 at a spring event.

When last fall’s spate of Apple product events brought us new Apple Watches, iPhones, and M1-powered laptops, but not AirTags, rumor mongers predicted the tracking devices would show up in March 2021. With that deadline now looming, prolific leaker Jon Prosser says that AirTags are still on track for a March launch.

Prosser’s tweet says that he hasn't "heard of any further delays at this time," suggesting that "AirTags are still on for March." The crossed-fingers emoji, though, suggests there's still a possibility of an AirTags no-show. 

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Prosser's timeline fits with Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's January report that AirTags would be among Apple’s 2021 product releases.

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of AirTags, but it’s pretty obvious Apple plans to give Tile and other key finders a run for their money. From what weve heard, AirTags are meant to attach to objects you don't want to lose, such as your keys, purse, wallet, or other important items. You can track said items with your phone the same way you would track down said device. 

AirTags are rumored to use the U1 Ultra Wideband sensor that debuted with iPhone 11. This, instead of conventional Bluetooth connectivity, would offer better range and accuracy than other key finders on the market. Samsung just unveiled a similar product called SmartTag, but the initial release still relies on Bluetooth.

We've seen quite a few bits of evidence here and there that AirTags are on their way, such as a hidden "Items" tab in the "Find My" app. It prompts you to "keep track of your everyday items," something obviously made possible with the help of AirTags. 

Apple will reportedly hold a product launch event in March, when it’s expected to show off the new iPad Pro. Other products are expected to be part of that announcement, including the AirTags and possible the AirPods Pro 2. Of course, Apple still needs to confirm that there is going to be a product launch in March. But we'll likely hear more in the next few weeks about a specific date. 

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