Among Us VR announced — now you can act sus in virtual reality

Among Us VR screenshot
(Image credit: Schell Games)

During The Game Awards 2021 it was announced that Among Us is getting a brand new VR version, aptly named Among Us VR.

This new version of the game is being developed by Schell Games, most well known for creating the popular VR series I Expect You To Die, and looks like an impressively faithful virtual reality translation of the hugely popular social deception game.

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Based on the very short trailer accompanying the game’s announcement, the core mechanics of Among Us appear to have been preserved in the move to a 3D virtual reality space. We see a player completing a task in a spaceship only to be attacked by a crewmate, who we can assume is the imposter. 

There’s not a huge amount more that needs to be known about this one. At this point Among Us is a well-established entity, and there’s little reason to think that Among Us VR will do anything to reinvent what has been a very successful formula. Expect the same gameplay loop as the core game, just with the added immersion that virtual reality brings — which sounds like a pretty enticing combination to us. 

There’s no confirmed release date for Among Us VR, but we do at least know what VR platforms the game will be coming to. The game will launch on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR and SteamVR which covers all the major players in the VR space. Crossplay across the various platforms hasn’t been confirmed but would seem a wise decision to keep the player base healthy long term. 

If you want an Among Us fix even sooner the original 2D game will be hitting PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14, and is already available on Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices. If you've been living under a rock, Among Us was originally released in 2018 but exploded in popularity last year and this VR version could give the game a second wind.

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