Amazon Prime is offering three must-play games for free — here’s how to claim them

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Prime Gaming is one of the most overlooked Amazon Prime member benefits. Amazon’s gaming hub offers Prime subscribers a host of freebies including in-game content for dozens of popular games such as Destiny 2, Pokemon Go and GTA 5. But, best of all, Prime Gaming offers a rotating selection of free games that are yours to keep forever once claimed. 

Previous monthly lineups have offered brilliant games like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Dead Space 2, but the selection for September is going to take some beating. That’s because this month Prime Gaming is offering three must-play games: Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Football Manager 2022. These blockbuster titles are available to claim right now, and will be through the rest of the month. 

Amazon Prime: for $139/year

Amazon Prime: for $139/year
Amazon Prime gives shoppers access to a whole host of benefits, Prime Gaming among them. Also included is free shipping on over 100 million products, plus access to additional services like Prime Video and Prime Music. You can pay an annual $139 fee or choose a monthly plan at $14.99. 

Assassin’s Creed Origins originally released in 2017, and was pitched as a soft reboot for the series. Set in Egypt in 49 BC, you play as Bayek, a man on a quest for revenge who also stumbles into a millennia-long conflict between two warring factors: Assassins and Templars. Origins packs a sprawling open-world with dozens of quests to complete, chests to loot and alligators to stab. Often regarded as one of the best in the long-running series, Origins continues to shine even five years after release, and is a must-play ahead of Assassin’s Creed Mirage being revealed later this month.

Next up is Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, set in the rich Lord of the Rings universe, this is the perfect game to play in between watching new episodes of Rings of Power on Prime Video. Beloved for its innovative Nemesis System, in Shadow of Mordor you don’t just fight faceless grunts, you build rivalries with the Orcs you meet. This action game is more streamlined than its grind-heavy sequel, and aside from a dud ending remains constantly engaging across dozens of hours of play.

If you’d like to say goodbye to your social life, then Football Manager 2022 is one of the most time consuming games out there. The acclaimed soccer-management simulator series lets you take the reins of a football club and control just about every aspect on and off the pitch. This game is often jokingly compared to an addictive substance by its passionate community as once you start it’s very hard to stop playing.   

Alongside these three must-play games Amazon Prime is also offering a selection of smaller indie titles including Castle on the Coast, Defend the Rook, The Dig and We. The Revolution. Whatever type of gamer you are, there is likely to be something in this selection that appeals to you, so head over to Prime Gaming and start downloading these free games right now. 

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