Amazon Echo Buds 2 just leaked — and it's coming before AirPods Pro 2

Amazon Echo Buds
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Amazon produces a lot of its own tech these days, so when it announced it was developing its own wireless earbuds, the Echo Buds, nobody thought anything of it. But it turns out they weren’t half bad. Not perfect, but still good.

It seems Amazon was impressed enough with Echo Buds reception that there’s another iteration coming. And the Echo Buds 2 should have wireless charging of some kind.

We know this thanks to an FCC filing from Anker rather than Amazon itself. The filing has been filed for an unannounced Anker wireless charger, which is named “Anker Innovations PowerWave Pad for Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen with Wireless Charging).”

So judging from the name alone, an Echo Buds 2 is on the way. And a wireless charging case should be on the way. It's an oblong-shaped case, akin to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus, if Anker’s diagram is anything to go by.

anker echo buds 2 wireless charging pad

(Image credit: Anker/FCC)

That case will be a new shape and compatible with wireless charging, which is a heck of a lot nicer than the microUSB-powered case the original Echo Buds came with when they were released last year.

That’s about as much as we can tell from this single filing. But now we know that the Echo Buds 2 are out there, there’s no doubt people will be able to uncover all sorts of new information about Amazon’s newest wireless earbuds. Let’s just hope Amazon has been fixing some of the issues people had with the first Echo Buds. Like the fact they could be a bit uncomfortable, and that they didn’t really go all in on smart gestures.

It’s only a matter of time before we find out, and if Anker’s Buds 2 charging pad is already going through the FCC, it’s probably not going to be very long before we see Echo Buds 2 hit Amazon.

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