These 5 bathroom trends are going viral — here's how to get the looks yourself

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Not sure what’s hot in the bathroom right now? If you want to stay on top of the latest bathroom interior trends, we can reveal what’s going viral for Spring 2024.

Remember “cottage core” which took TikTok by storm in 2019, and “coastal grandma” which went viral in 2022? Now, with the help of interior expert Warren Kinlock from Bathroom Deal, we can reveal the latest top 5 bathroom trends and how to achieve them in your home.

So, instead of trailing through social platforms to discover what's in vogue, read on to find out how to achieve the latest aesthetic in your bathroom.

1. Unexpected red theory

Red accents used in white bathrooms

(Image credit: Left; Peel Valley Tiles. Right: Pinterest)

Move over Barbie, red is making a splash on the catwalk and home decor scene this Spring. According to TikTok, the “unexpected red theory” is about adding anything red to a room, whether big or small. And it doesn't have to match.

“The “unexpected red” trend introduces a bold and unexpected element into bathroom design, elevating the space with a vibrant pop of the colour red,” says Kinlock. “Adding a single red accent piece, such as a statement mirror frame or a bold vanity cabinet, instantly draws the eye and injects energy into the room. 

“In a bathroom, where functionality often takes precedence, this unexpected burst of colour serves as a focal point, tying together disparate elements and infusing the space with personality.”

And there are plenty of reds to choose from. “Whether you opt for a deep crimson or a bright cherry red, incorporating this bold hue adds a sense of drama and vitality to your bathroom, creating a space that feels truly dynamic,” he adds.

It will certainly create a talking point for your guests. 

2. Cottagecore resurgence 

Cottage style white bathrooms with flowers

(Image credit: Left: The Nordroom. Right: Instagram)

Country life is the inspiration behind “cottagecore”, which was first given its name on Tumblr in 2018 before taking TikTok by storm in 2019. This Spring, we will see a resurgence in the aesthetic that idealizes rural life.

Kinlock says it’s perfect for those “seeking a serene and nostalgic escape” and “offers you the opportunity to create a charming retreat within your own home."

And there’s no better place to create it than within your bathroom, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your busy life.

Winlock suggests one easy way of incorporating the theme is to add potted plants or wildflower arrangements to bring the outside in. And there are plenty of plants that will survive in a bathroom, including orchids and Boston ferns.

“If you’re looking to invest more into the trend,” says Winlock, “you could add floral wallpaper to the walls, but ensure this is bathroom safe so it doesn’t peel with the humidity!”

Hygge & West has a wide range of beautiful bathroom wallpapers. I particularly like the Conservatory Wallpaper in Laurel ($195 per roll, Hygge & West). For something similar, try the Block Print Tile Wallpaper in Sage from Threshold ($34 per roll, Target).

Kinlock has another suggestion to achieve the “cottagecore” look. “A common theme is brass or gold hardware. Swap out silver taps and showerheads for brass or gold versions to really cement the look.”

3. Coquette trend 

Shower curtain with bows and washbasin area with bows on mirrors

(Image credit: Left: The Crowned Goat Right: Pinterest)

A “coquette” is a woman who is flirtatious, but the fashion and interior trend takes a slightly different stance and focuses on the romantic aspect. Kinlock describes it as “embracing classic youthful femininity through the playful use of bows,” adding, “it draws inspiration from vintage romance and can be used to make your bathroom feel more delicate.”

I don’t think I could get away with embracing this bathroom trend within my household of boys, however, it would work more favorably in an ensuite. 

For this reason, Kinlock suggests adding subtle elements to an existing neutral bathroom. “You could try adding small bows to the top of your shower curtain, or add bow-shaped drawer pulls on vanity cabinets or bathroom storage. You could even consider accenting towels with bow-shaped embellishments or incorporating bow motifs into tile patterns if you’re looking to really invest in the aesthetic,” he adds.

This pretty, white Ambarbale Farmhouse shower curtain with handmade bow ties, ($19, Wayfair) is also available in grey and camel.

The benefits of embracing this trend enable you to either add a subtle hint of romance to your bathroom or go all out and make it completely feminine and frivolous.

4. Urban aunt

Decorative bathroom areas with wallpaper and pictures

(Image credit: Left: Home Designing. Right: Style by Emily Henderson)

The “urban aunt” interior aesthetic plays homage to your mum’s trendy sister. A chic, child-free woman with an enviable lifestyle who showcases her eclectic mix of arty finds in her loft apartment.

Kinlock says, “Channelling the 'urban aunt' trend in your bathroom will give the space an eclectic charm. This trend is all about reflecting the personality of a fun-loving aunt who embraces life to the fullest.

“You can achieve the look with bold, vibrant wallpaper designs or tasteful art pieces that reflect your personality and interests,” explains Winlock. “Adding quirky accessories, like vintage perfume bottles or stylish vanity trays, is also another easy and affordable way to bring this trend to life.” 

This Clear Crystal Vintage Perfume Bottle ($9, Amazon) could be part of a collection in an urban aunt-inspired bathroom.

5. Mob wife aesthetic 

Opulent and decadent bathrooms with dark and rich furnishings

(Image credit: Left: DagmDagmara Machara Mach. Right: Pinterest)

When we think of the “mob wife” aesthetic, The Godfather, fur coats, leather and leopard prints come to mind. Forget about any hint of subtlety; more is certainly more. The “mob wife” aesthetic says, “Don’t mess with me."

Although it started as a fashion trend, the “mob wife” aesthetic has entered our homes, embracing exuberance, bold design elements, and luxury. Think leather, velvet, animal prints, framed mirrors and crystal light fittings. 

“Embracing the “mob-wife” aesthetic in your bathroom means you’ll need to dive straight into using dark colours and textures,” says Kinlock. Picture deep, rich color palettes reminiscent of a lavish penthouse suite or the luxurious interior of a mob matriarch’s home.”

He suggests choosing burgundy, navy, or emerald green to set the stage, intensifying the look by adding bold textures to complement the dramatic, rich colour with plush faux bath mats.

“Dark hardware, like matte black faucets and handles, can also add a sense of sophistication typical of a traditional 'mob-wife style' home portrayed in the movies, creating a space that exudes power and glamour,” he adds.

To create the look try the Glacier Bay, 2-handle high-arch bathroom faucet in matte black ($47, Home Depot). 

Out of the 5 top bathroom trends, Kinlock favors the mob-wife aesthetic. “It’s likely to stay popular as it develops into alternative styles and micro trends,” he says. “We know dark bathrooms are having a moment currently, as they create a spa-like room away from the busy day to day events of life, and the rich colours from the aesthetic can easily feed into this.”

So, instead he suggests opting for navy bathrooms instead of bright blues, or plum paint instead of peach. Whilst this might cease as we head into the brighter Spring/Summer season, I imagine this will regain popularity in Autumn 2024,” concludes Kinlock.

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