There's a secret pinball game buried in your iPhone — here's how to play it

Pinball game on iPhone
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If you weren't aware there was a Google pinball game buried within your iPhone, we wouldn't blame you. It certainly isn't obvious, and is only available to those with the Google app installed.

Once you've found it, though (especially if, like me, you used to play lots of pinball on Windows XP), it's a fun little easter egg that will help you while away some time when you're waiting for a bus or suffering a long queue.

Thankfully, the app is easy to install and unlocking the Google pinball game on iPhone is really easy. We'll take you through how to do it all in this guide, so simply read on.

How to unlock the Google pinball app on iPhone

1. If you haven't already, install the Google app from the App Store. You'll see an iCloud icon if you've installed it before, or "Install" otherwise. 

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2. Open the Google app and tap Tabs, bottom right.

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3. If you have any open tabs, tap the bin icon, top right, to close them. Then tap Close all when prompted.

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4. On the empty tabs page, swipe upwards repeatedly, this can take 10 or so swipes. When you've done it right, the pinball game will appear!

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5. Tap the left side of the screen to activate the left flipper. Tap the right side of the screen to activate the right flipper. Don't swipe, as this can close the game.

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6. Hit the floating shapes with the pinball to destroy them and earn points. As you progress, extra features like bumpers will appear. Destroying special shapes will give you perks: hearts give you an extra life, stars give you a wildcard like a larger pinball or two pinballs.

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7. When you lose all your lives, press the play icon to start again.

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