How to Make Alexa Speak Faster or Slower

Amazon Echo
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Even if you know how to change Alexa's voice, did you know you can also adjust how fast or slow Amazon's assistant speaks to you? Those hard of hearing can now adjust Alexa to speak more slowly, while busy users looking to consume audio content quickly can speed up Alexa's voice. 

Alexa offers seven speeds for responses, including the default rate, four faster rates, and two slower ones. Here's how to adjust the speed of Alexa's responses.

How to make Alexa speak slower

If you would like Alexa to speak slower, all you need to do say, "Alexa, speak slower" within range of one of your Alexa smart speakers. That will knock Alexa's voice speed down one level. If you'd like your voice assistant to speak even more slowly, repeat the command once again.

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How to make Alexa speak faster

Alexa's default response speed sometimes takes longer to dictate information than looking it up on a phone would. Though there's a brief mode (which lets Alexa confirm certain commands with a chime rather than a verbal response) you might want to take advantage of faster speech speeds. Just say, "Alexa, speak faster" up to four times.

If you want Alexa to return to the standard voice speed, you can say, "Alexa, speak at your default rate."

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