How to eject a stuck disc on the PS5

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Learning how to eject a stuck PS5 disc isn’t complicated, but it's a skill that should be in every PS5 owner's arsenal. There's no point owning a library of the best PS5 games if a stuck disc means you can't play any other physical games.

A jammed disc on your PS5 can make you panic big time, but getting it out is fairly simple using the right tools. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do this without damaging your console. Before we get started, you'll need to remove your PS5's covers to eject a stuck disc. We can show you how to remove a PS5 cover if you need some help.

With that out of the way, here's how to eject a stuck disc on the PS5

How to eject a stuck disc on the PS5 

Note: Before attempting the steps below, turn off the PS5, disconnect the HDMI and AC power cord (and any other connected cables), and let it cool down if it has been running. Use a coin or flathead screwdriver to unscrew and detach the base of the PS5. 

You’ll also need a cross-head screwdriver to manually eject the disc. 

1. Position the PS5 with the PS logo facing down and remove the rear cover

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Place the PS5 horizontally on a flat, stable surface, and keep the side with the PS logo facing down. The disc drive has to be on the left and towards you.  

Remove the PS5’s rear cover by pulling up the top right corner gently toward yourself and sliding it off

2. Remove the disc sticker

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Towards the bottom of the PS5, you’ll find a black plastic sticker. In case there’s no sticker, don’t worry because some of the newer consoles don’t have it. You could either remove this sticker or push the screwdriver through it directly. 

Do not unscrew the other four screws near the black sticker

3. Rotate the screwdriver clockwise to eject the disc

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Use a cross-head screwdriver to rotate the screw clockwise. As you do this, the disc will begin to emerge from the drive. Keep rotating the screw till the disc is fully out, and do not pull the disc out forcefully

4. Reattach the console cover

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Once the disc is out, slide the cover back on till it completely covers the PS5. Then, press down at the top while sliding it up till you hear a click

With the stuck disc out, you can go back to having a good time on your PS5! For more tutorials on the console, learn how to upgrade PS5 internal storage, how to connect PS4 controller to PS5, and how to transfer games to a PS5 external hard drive.

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