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How to download Virtual Audio Cable

virtual audio cable
(Image credit: Eugene Muzychenko)

Virtual Audio Cable is an audio software product that can let users transfer audio streams between applications. Once you download Virtual Audio Cable, you can send an audio stream through the application, which can be received through a corresponding app that connects through the output end of the stream.

One of the best parts of this app is that you won’t lose any sound quality through the transfer because the entire process happens digitally. Virtual Audio Cable is essentially a MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) loopback device. 

Virtual Audio Cable works with Microsoft Windows so you can only find the original on those compatible devices. 

Downloading Virtual Audio Cable is pretty straightforward, but you have to keep in mind that it isn’t going to be compatible with every device or version of Windows. There aren’t even compatible programs for certain operating systems, so if you’re looking to find a knockoff version, you’ll be out of luck on that front.

Where to download Virtual Audio Cable

Head to the Virtual Audio Cable website to download the latest version of the app. Virtual Audio Cable works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

What you can do with Virtual Audio Cable

Virtual Audio Cable is essentially used as an application to connect you between other applications; as a result, you can share audio streams between the two apps that you’re using Virtual Audio Cable to connect. Virtual Audio Cable can connect to more than 250 different applications where audio can be mixed and allocated. 

Virtual Audio Cable can link together with the following types of programs: virtual synthesizers, sound editors, recorders, and sequencers. You’re also able to mix low sound latency, have signal mixing between output ports, volume control, channel scattering, and protocol support that’ll provide notification events. It will essentially allow you to create a virtual music studio right on your own device. 

The program has a control panel that has sample rates and channels for each connected cable and notes all the connected apps that you’re using. One of the best aspects of the program is that you won’t get any hiccups in your streams since it’s connected in such a seamless way.