How to download Dragon City

how to download dragon city
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Dragon City is a free social network game where players can spend time breeding and raising dragons as well as pairing them up for battle against one another. These fledgling dragons make gold to help purchase farms, habitats, and other aspects of a hustling, bustling city. The goal is to raise a colorful, magical city while collecting more than 600 dragons and battling against others in the Dragon Leagues. 

This social-focused dragon-centric game has a large following among Facebook users and has a lot in common with games like FarmVille in that players can help other players succeed. It can be connected to Facebook accounts or simply played on the social media network, as players can earn additional Gems, or the game's premium currency, to purchase dragons and other items. 

Ready to build your own city of dragons? You'll need to download the free app to your smartphone first, or head over to Facebook to play in a browser. It's simple to download Dragon City to your favorite device for free. Here's where you can find the app. 

Where to download Dragon City

Dragon City is a free-to-play social gaming app that lets you collect colorful miniature dragons to help build up your own city. It's consistently one of the top-played games on Facebook and one of the top free role-playing apps in both app stores, so you won't have any trouble finding anyone to play with. 

If you prefer to play Dragon City without downloading anything, you can simply log into your Facebook account to play the game online in your browser. You can invite other players from here to play alongside you as well. 

What you can do in Dragon City

Aside from raising dragons, Dragon City lets you create your own bustling metropolitan area populated by buildings and structures of your own creations. Let your dragons fly free and see how many you can gather out of the available varieties. You can raise your dragons to fight each other and other players as well as collect resources and items to create the best city you possibly can. 

When you've done enough training, test your dragons' mettle against other players or challenging in-game tournaments. It depends on how you want to play, whether you want to role-play as a skilled dragon trainer or if you want to meet up with friends and trade dragons. The world is yours to create. 

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