The AeroPress Clear Colors coffee press puts the simplicity back into making a brew

Fresh coffee goes back to basics

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press in blue with accessories and coffee mug
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The AeroPress Clear coffee press is based on the simplicity of making fresh coffee without the fuss of using coffee pods or complicated appliances with lengthy instruction booklets. It makes a perfectly fresh brew, but won’t give you the option for a fancy cappuccino or mocha. What’s more, it’s easy to clean and uses coffee grounds, so there’s no need to buy expensive coffee pods, but you will need to purchase replacement filters.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Quick brew time

  • +

    Easy to clean


  • -

    Small capacity

  • -

    Milk has to be warmed and added separately

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AeroPress Clear: Specs

Dimensions: 5.5 - 9 (when extended) x 4 x 4 inches
Weight: 9 ounces
Power: Manual
Colour: Clear, Clear Green, Clear Purple, Clear Blue, Clear Black, Clear Red
Accessories: Coffee scoop, stirrer and paper filters

Launched in April 2024, the AeroPress Clear Color follows on from the AeroPress Clear and forms part of the ever-growing AeroPress family. Backed by a following of coffee enthusiasts who want an affordable and portable alternative to the best coffee makers, this latest AeroPress is clear, and made of shatterproof Tritan.

Its sleek and colorful design is made to stand out on your coffee station, rather than be hidden in the back of a cupboard out of sight.

The three-in-one brew technology provides a manual method of making a perfect cup of Joe without the bells and whistles of other machines, although it will only make a 10oz serving in one go, so if you have guests around, you’ll be making coffee on repeat. 

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press: Price and availability

The AeroPress Clear Colors coffee press is available for $49.95 at Amazon and widely available elsewhere. It is more expensive than a standard French press, but it offers a different coffee experience. While it’s more costly than its rival, it offers a much cheaper barista coffee than the plug-in alternatives. 

Although it comes with a small pack of micro-filters you will need to purchase replacement ones, which are readily available. A 350-pack costs $9.95 at Amazon.

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press: Design and build

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press in blue

(Image credit: Future)

The AeroPress Clear Color is a tough cookie, just like its cousin, the AeroPress Original. Although this latest version is made with shatterproof Tritan™, rather than polypropylene which also has a cloudier appearance. There’s no risk of it breaking if it is knocked over — a common problem I’ve experienced with the glass carafes associated with French presses.   

It’s also small, lightweight and portable, meaning your countertop won’t be cluttered with a large appliance. And as it requires manual operation, it can be moved about without finding a spare electrical outlet in your kitchen, another problem that I frequently encounter. 

The AeroPress Clear Color collection features an array of attractive colors that add extra sass to the small coffee press. If you like your gadgets to match, you can blend them in with your kitchen interior scheme.  

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press: Functionality

AeroPress describes its coffee maker as offering the benefits of an espresso, pour-over coffee maker and a French press in one. It certainly allows you to be your own barista and have fun experimenting with your favorite brews. 

The coffee making procedure is the same, whether you desire an American style coffee, cold brew or espresso, making it easy to use.

And for those who may be starting on their coffee journey, it’s an affordable option without spending big bucks on a high-end appliance. 

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press: Performance

Coffe filtering through an AeroPress chamber

(Image credit: Future)

You’ll certainly be guaranteed a smooth cup of Joe when using the AeroPress Clear Color press. It’s designed to remove the grit and bitterness often associated with a French press. The filter, positioned in the bottom of the filter cap attached to the device’s base, is designed to retain the grit and bitter oils.

Its simplicity in design and operation makes it a delight to use and the resulting coffee is delicious. And with manual operation, you won’t be blasted with a noisy coffee machine while you look forward to relaxing with your favorite brew. 

AeroPress Clear Color coffee press: Ease of use

It won’t take you long to master how to use this coffee press, but do take time to read through the enclosed instruction leaflet on how to make an American, espresso-style, latte, or cold brew.

The coffee press works best with medium-fine coffee, so whether you’re using one of the best coffee grinders or buying ready-ground beans, check that they are not too fine or coarse. If your coffee is too fine, it could result in an overly bitter taste, whereas if it is too coarse, the compounds in the coffee won’t have the chance to be released during the brewing process.

The preparation stage of making a brew is the same no matter which type of coffee you desire. However, the subsequent stages alter slightly depending on whether you’re making an American, espresso, latte or cold brew.

How to make an American-style coffee

Preparing the AeroPress
1. Start with medium-fine coffee grinds.
2. Heat your water to boiling, or to 185°F.
3. Remove the plunger from the chamber.
4. Place the filter in the filter cap.
5. Twist the filter cap onto the base of the chamber. 

Preparing the brew
1. Position the chamber on the top of a sturdy mug, adding 1 heaped scoop ½ oz (15g) of coffee. Shake gently into place.
2. Add the water, up to level 4 on the chamber.
3. Stir the liquid for 10 seconds, then insert the plunger about ½ inch into the chamber and leave it to sit for 30 seconds.
4. Using a gentle and consistent pressure, push the plunger through the chamber.
5. Remove the filter cap, then push the plunger slightly more to allow the coffee grounds to release.

For making a latte, follow the same instructions as above, but when it comes to adding the water during the brewing process, add the water up to level 1 on the chamber. 

A word of warning

Always place a sturdy mug or carafe beneath the press when brewing coffee with the AeroPress Clear Colour. Never press into a thin-walled glass or carafe, as it might break with the pressure required to push down the plunger.

The brewing process can then be completed, and 8oz of steamed or frothed milk added to the final cup.

It took me a while to get used to the correct pressure to use when pushing the plunger down, but this gets easier with practice. Although, one word of warning, don’t be too enthusiastic, or you could end up covered in hot liquid! And make sure not to overfill your cup. I filled the chamber up to '4' and it exceeded the capacity of my coffee mug causing a flood.

How to clean the AeroPress Clear Color

Coffee filter section on AeroPress Clear Color

(Image credit: Future)

The AeroPress can be easily disassembled and cleaned. I tend to hand wash mine in warm, soapy water and leave it to air dry, but it can also be placed in either the top or bottom RACKs in a dishwasher. The coffee grinds and filter can be easily removed, and the grinds can be added to compost waste or used in your yard to nourish your plants, as they are one household item that can help your plants grow

I live in a hard water area and have experienced the buildup of limescale on electrical coffee machines, but with this device, the problem doesn’t exist. So, for me it's a real winner. 

Should you buy the AeroPress Clear Color coffee press?

Coffee in clear mug

(Image credit: Future)

If price is holding you back from buying a plug-in coffee machine, the AeroPress Clear Color could be the solution to tasting freshly brewed coffee in an instant, well, almost! It’s super quick to brew — you could be serving up a coffee in 60 seconds. And it’s super compact and mobile  — it's ideal in small kitchens, where worktop space is limited, or to pack up for a trip.

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