This mystery thriller series on Prime Video takes the No.1 spot from ‘Fallout’ — and you can stream season 2 now

Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott in Outer Range series on Prime Video
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Have you ever found yourself lost in the endless amount of movies and shows? While there are so many to choose from, it’s hard to know what’s actually worth your time. However, when a recently released show suddenly grabs the No.1 spot on a streaming platform, you know it must be of high quality if most people are watching it. And that includes the latest season of “Outer Range”. 

This western thriller series first came out in 2022 with a gripping first season, and it only took a few months for it to be renewed for a second season on Prime Video. Starring Josh Brolin as the lead, “Outer Range” explores how humans deal with the unknown, especially when it comes to such an unfathomable mystery. 

Believe it or not, this show has dethroned “Fallout” in the top 10. As we all know, “Fallout” remained in the No.1 spot ever since its release in April, gaining over 80 million viewers during that time. Now, it’s time for Brolin’s intense mystery thriller to shine once again.

What is ‘Outer Range’ about?

“Outer Range” focuses on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin), a rancher who is fighting for his land and dealing with the disappearance of his daughter-in-law. His life changes when he allows a drifter named Autumn (Imogen Poots) to stay at their ranch, only to find a mysterious black void in the pasture after she arrives. This hole sits at the edge of Wyoming's wilderness, sparking fear in the Abbott family as they try to uncover its purpose and ward off a rival family trying to steal their land. 

This thrilling but mysterious western world not only explores a supernatural mystery, but shows the strength of the Abbott family as they grapple with opposing forces. Royal must do everything he physically can to keep his wife and children safe, even when the world is working against them.

Season 2 of “Outer Range” also expands on this mystery. The spoiler-free synopsis reads: "Building on Season 1's thoughtfully laid foundation that set the central mystery in motion, comes an invigorating sophomore season full of payoffs, grounded twists, and liberated character journeys."

Critics are captivated by this supernatural mystery

“Outer Range” earned plenty of praise from critics and audiences after season 1 hit the small screen in 2022. The first season has 79% on Rotten Tomatoes while the second is even higher at 88%.  

Ryan Britt from Inverse said: “Outer Range is one of the boldest, weirdest, and most affecting sci-fi shows of the 21st century. Despite the inevitable comparison to Stranger Things, the series forges its own path and succeeds because it's so aggressively grounded in reality.” Meanwhile, RogerEbert’s Robert Daniels believes “Outer Range is the rare kind of genre-bending work that leaves one wounded in its fresh take on our human existence while offering untold possibilities.” 

The praise has also continued for the second season. Bob Strauss from The Wrap was keen to highlight how thrilling season 2 is compared to the first: “The new season not only gives us impactful interactions with stronger acting moments, but worthwhile new ironies and just plain cool plot twists.”

A slow-burn story works when there are plot twists and character development, but not everyone agrees. Decider’s Joel Keller said: “Outer Range has expansive scenery (when it can be seen), and decent performances from Brolin, Taylor, and Poots. But neither its family drama and supernatural elements are compelling enough to make up for the show’s slow pace.”  

‘Outer Range’ season 2 is now available on Prime Video

Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott in Outer Range series on Prime Video

(Image credit: Prime Video)

If you haven’t seen “Outer Range” yet, you can now binge-watch two seasons. It’s definitely worth your time, and although the pacing can be slow at times, the thrilling, unexpected narrative will take you on a mind-bending journey in the Wyoming wilderness. Brolin’s performance alone is enough to keep you hooked and eager.

Prime Video hasn't renewed this series for a third season yet, but there’s a high chance it will come back to answer some looming questions the previous seasons left behind. Brolin has said himself he’s open to another season in an interview with Jonatan Blomberg: "I think it would be intriguing, which I can't believe me saying because I don't want to stay with anything too long, but this series just as an idea and as an experience has gotten more intriguing the further we've gone with it, so I think that season 3 would be amazing."

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Stream both seasons of “Outer Range” on Prime Video.  

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