One of the best crime thrillers you haven’t watched yet just crashed the Netflix top 10

(L to R) Blake Lively as Emily and Anna Kendrick as Stephanie enjoying martinis while on a couch in A Simple Favor, which is new on Amazon Prime this month.
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When you're looking for something new to watch on Netflix, the streaming service’s top 10 list of most-watched movies is a great tool to kick off your search. Right now a new addition is quickly rising through this ever-shifting ranking: Paul Feig’s hit 2018 crime thriller "A Simple Favor." It's the perfect time to get wrapped up in this movie's campy twists and shocking reveals before the sequel comes out.

After making its Netflix debut last weekend (May 19), "A Simple Favor" soared to the #1 spot on the Netflix Top 10 earlier this week and is still sitting pretty at number three in the U.S. Many consider it to be one of Anna Kendrick's best performances of the last decade. Joining the "Pitch Perfect" and "Trolls" star is Blake Lively, and the duo does an excellent job of building tension as more secrets are revealed throughout the movie.

If you need more details, here’s everything you need to know… 

What is 'A Simple Favor' about?

Based on the 2017 book of the same name, "A Simple Favor" stars Kendrick as Stephanie, a widowed mommy vlogger who becomes best friends with the glamorous but secretive mother of her son's schoolmate, Emily (Lively). The two instantly connect despite their differences and become fast friends. 

However, when Emily suddenly vanishes one day, Stephanie is forced to take matters into her own hands to get to the bottom of her friend's disappearance. Things begin to unravel as she uncovers more about Emily's past and learns she isn't the person she claims to be, and the two BFFs soon find themselves trapped in a web of conspiracy and murder.  

From "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig, “A Simple Favor” is a seriously fun crime thriller. It has everything you'd expect from the genre: campy twists, shocking reveals, and a compelling mystery at its core. What sets it apart is its dark sense of humor — think more "Heathers" and less "Pitch Perfect" — dual female leads and vibrant color palette. 

Should you stream 'A Simple Favor'?

Honestly, Netflix couldn't have added “A Simple Favor” at a better time. Filming on the sequel is expected to start within the next few weeks, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That means we're sure to learn more about the casting (Lively and Kendrick are expected to reprise their roles), general plot, and release date over the coming months. 

“A Simple Favor” is definitely worth the watch if you enjoy crime mystery movies. It doesn't give too much away, keeping you guessing what's going to happen next throughout. If you liked "Gone Girl," you should absolutely check this one out, as critics drew comparisons between the two when it first released. 

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You can watch “A Simple Favor” on Netflix now. 

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