Netflix is bringing back 'Black Mirror' in 2025 with six new episodes

(From left to right) Osy Ikhile as Nate Packer, Jimmi Simpson as Walton, Michaela Coel as Shania, Cristin Milioti as Nanette Cole, and Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly in the episode USS Callister of Black Mirror season 4
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"Black Mirror," Netflix's haunting anthology about technology running amok, will be back for season 7 in 2025 with six brand new episodes, the streamer announced as part of its Next on Netflix event in London this week. 

While Netflix remained tight-lipped on details, it did confirm that this new season will include a sequel to one of the show's most well-known episodes: "USS Callister" from season 4. 

"USS Callister will return… Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning," Netflix said in a teaser. 

While "Black Mirror" is packed with fan-favorite episodes (one of the reasons it tops our  best shows on Netflix list), "USS Callister" is particularly memorable for its nightmarish twist on sci-fi classics like "Star Trek." The episode follows Robert Daly (Jesse Plemons), a reclusive programmer behind a popular massively multiplayer online game. Frustrated at his lack of recognition, he makes a mod based on his favorite TV show, Space Fleet, where he captains the USS Callister, a starship crewed by in-game digital clones of his coworkers created using their DNA. Things take a turn when new hire Nanette Cole (Cristin Milioti) joins the crew, gains self-awareness, and leads the crew members in a revolt against their captain.

"USS Callister" was written by series creator Charlie Brooker and William Bridges with Toby Haynes as director. After its debut in 2017, it went on to win multiple Emmys, including one for Oustanding Television Movie. Brooker, Jessica Rhoades and Annabel Jones will return as executive producers on the new season, Netflix has announced.

Season 6 of "Black Mirror" landed in 2023 with five new episodes, including hits like the true crime-inspired "Loch Henry" and "Joan is Awful," a modern take on "The Truman Show" with the show's signature biting social commentary. We expect season 7 to tackle similar themes about the implications of social media, AI, virtual reality, and more uncanny ways that technology can go sideways. 

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