Amazon just canceled this Prime Video supernatural show with 92% on Rotten Tomatoes

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Prime Video’s “Outer Range” is a sci-fi Western series that pits Josh Brolin against a supernatural mystery in the wilds of Wyoming. And while it appears that Brolin can handle interdimensional oddities, escaping the cancelation axe is a step too far. 

As reported by Deadline, Prime Video has confirmed the cancelation of “Outer Range”, opting against picking up the show for a third season. This disappointing news comes less than two months after the debut of its second season in May, and it leaves the show standing at 15 episodes with a clutch of unresolved plot threads.

Out-of-the-blue cancelations are not uncommon in today’s cutthroat streaming landscape, but this decision does feel especially harsh. For starters, “Outer Range” season 2 appeared to have made a fairly reasonable splash on Prime Video, the show climbed to the top of the service’s most-watched list in late May. 

The show’s second season also earned plenty of praise from critics. It scores 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the site’s Critics Consensus reading, “With a better handle on its characters and a willingness to get even weirder, Outer Range's sophomore outing is in the zone.” The show's 81% audience score is similarly high. 

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"Outer Range" sees Brolin play Royal Abbot, a rancher fighting for his land and family survival after discovering a mysterious black void in the wilderness. Alongside his wife Cecilia (Lili Taylor), Royal also investigates the disappearance of their daughter-in-law and meets a mysterious drifter named Autumn (Imogen Poots) who may be connected to all these strange occurrences.  

The show’s dedicated fanbase is already lamenting this cancelation especially as several unresolved plot points remain and season 2’s conclusion certainly didn’t feel written as a series finale. Unfortunately, these loose ends are now likely to remain forever unanswered. 

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that Brolin was up for a third season. In an interview with Jonatan Bloomberg, Brolin was asked if he would return for another season. "I think it would be intriguing, which I can't believe me saying because I don't want to stay with anything too long, but this series just as an idea and as an experience has gotten more intriguing the further we've gone with it, so I think that season 3 would be amazing,” said Brolin. 

The first (and presumably only) two seasons of “Outer Range” are still streaming on Prime Video if you’re curious to see if the show warranted the strong reviews, but if you’d rather stream something with hasn’t been cut short, here’s everything new on Prime Video this month

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