This new superhero show just crashed the Netflix top 10 — and it’s 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

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It seems as though Prime Video’s “The Boys” has some competition, because Netflix's newest superhero drama has quickly ascended the platform's top 10. And after having been on one of the best streaming services for just a few days, I say this is a pretty impressive achievement. 

“Supacell” is the new original series in question, and it currently sits at the No. 2 spot (as of July 1), just below the popular crime documentary “Worst Roommate Ever”. With it rising through the ranks fast, it’s clear that viewers and critics are loving this new superhero drama.

Created by British rapper and filmmaker Rapman, “Supacell” explores a group of ordinary Black Londoners who develop superpowers, but there is so much more to the story. 

If you’ve seen this recent addition on Netflix but don’t know whether to give it a go, here are all the details and top critic reviews for “Supacell”. 

What is ‘Supacell’ about?

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“Supacell” focuses on a group of normal people in South London who suddenly develop superpowers. The only apparent connection between them is that they are all Black, and now they have to navigate the impact of their powers on not only their lives, but others too. Only one man can bring them together, and he’s on a mission to protect the woman he loves from a secret organization. 

The main group consists of Tosin Cole as Michael, Nadine Mills as Sabrina, Josh Tedeku as Tazer, Eric Kofi Abrefa as Andre, and Calvin Demba as Rodney. Adelayo Adedayo also stars as Michael's girlfriend Dionne, who plays an incredibly important role in the narrative. 

Rapman is the creator, showrunner, writer, and lead director of the six-part series. He created the crime thriller “Blue Story” along with the three-part YouTube series “Shiro's Story”. 

In an interview with the Cosmopolitan, Rapman said: “I wanted a show where you would still be entertained if you took the superpowers away, and I feel like you could still enjoy watching these five characters and their stories.”

What the critics are saying about ‘Supacell’

“Supacell” currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of July 1), but that’s only from a small handful of seven reviews. The audience score is also high at 84%, meaning there is a good chance this new superhero drama could get renewed for season 2. 

Empire Magazine’s Alex Godfrey said: “In a televisual sea of white noise, this is propulsive, compulsive viewing. You thought superheroes had had their day? Rapman to the rescue.”

Meanwhile, Dan Einav from Financial Times commented on just how unique this series is: “Instead of being yet another superhero yarn, this is a story that uses the genre to consider how power — its presence, its absence, its denial — specifically affects Black lives in a society still rife with prejudice and inequality.” 

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Randy Myers from San Jose Mercury News just might: “With a killer soundtrack and an unpredictable storyline, Rapman’s series is one of the best streaming surprises of the summer.” 

Audiences also praised this series for its “excellent character development” and “top-tier CGI.” By the sounds of it, people might start demanding a second season with the first being so short.

‘Supacell’ should be your next watch on Netflix

Tosin Cole screaming on the floor in Netflix's superhero series, Supacell

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If you’re looking for something to stream this week, then “Supacell” should be your next show to binge-watch. With it only being six episodes, it won’t take long to get through, and you can enjoy all the superhero goodness it has to offer. Plus, the perfect Rotten Tomatoes score suggests it’s worth your time. 

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All episodes of “Supacell” are now streaming on Netflix. 

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