This Fire TV just crashed to $99 for Prime Day — buy it or skip it?

Insignia F30 4K TV with a Tom's Guide deal tag
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In case you haven’t heard yet, it’s Prime Day. And while that means there are deals galore out there, this deal on a $99 Insignia 32” Fire TV is turning lots of heads around here.

It’s rare to see a TV under $100 and for it to be a 32-inch smart TV really makes it something special — that said, it does come with an important caveat. This is a 720p set, so it's not full HD. 

Still, it’s a $99 TV and for a certain type of buyer, it could be worth snatching up. Here's the quick pros and cons. 

Insignia 32" 720p Fire TV:

Insignia 32" 720p Fire TV: was $179 now $99 @ Amazon
It's a bit long in the tooth, but this Insignia Fire TV is going to sell like hot cakes on Amazon Prime Day. For under $100 you're getting a smart TV with access to almost every major streaming service in a respectable 32-inch package. For a kitchen or a kids room, this TV deal is tough to beat.

Buy it or skip it? 

So who would benefit most from a $99 TV? At the 32-inch screen size, this would be great in a bedroom or in a kitchen. Somewhere that you’d like a TV nearby and don’t necessarily need it to be the highest caliber in case something goes wrong.

With built-in streaming services, putting this Fire TV in a kids room would allow you to stream their favorite shows in the afternoons and in the kitchen you could use it to watch the news or keep tabs on the weather. It’s very versatile, honestly.

The place we wouldn’t recommend it, though, is your living room. Unless you plan on sitting right next to it (within four feet) a 720p 32-inch TV is going to lead to a disappointing experience. The speakers are going to be a bit weak at this size and 720p won’t show you all the details in your favorite shows and movies.

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