These audiophile-grade Sennheiser headphones will be 50% off during Amazon Prime Day

The Sennheiser HD 599 SE are seriously good headphones for serious audio enthusiasts.
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Sennheiser says it will be discounting its audiophile-grade HD599 SE open-back headphones to under $100 during next week’s Amazon Prime Day event.

For two days (July 12 and July 13) you’ll be able to buy a pair of the Sennheiser HD599 SE for just $99 instead of its regular price of $199. 

The headphones, which use Sennheiser’s “Ergonomic acoustic refinement” design, are part of the company’s legendary HD collection that includes the gold-standard Sennheiser HD800S and updated Sennheiser HD560S, two essential headphones in any audiophile’s arsenal.

Compared to the award-winning HD560S that Tom's Guide just reviewed a few weeks back, the HD599 SE offer a more spacious soundstage and better midrange. That said, while  the Sennheiser HD599 SE doesn’t use the larger drivers like the HD800S, there’s a lot of similarities including a nice, neutral sound quality, large soundstage and great imaging without the $1,800 sticker price. 

Sennheiser HD 599 SE: was $199 now $99 @ Amazon

Sennheiser HD 599 SE: was $199 now $99 @ Amazon
For audio lovers, this is the Amazon Prime Day to keep your eye on. At under $100 these over-ear, open-back headphones are the real deal for critical listening, offering neutral sound quality, large soundstage and great imaging. They're comfortable for long listening sessions and, best of all, affordable. Deal starts July 12.

Looking for something portable? The excellent Sennheiser CX Plus are also on sale 

A man wearing a pair of Sennheiser CX Plus earbuds.

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For audiophiles who like to listen to their music in the comfort of their own home, the Sennheiser HD599 SE are the way to go. However, if you like to take music with you on the go and need one of the best wireless earbuds to keep the party going, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming deal on the Sennheiser CX Plus.

Like the HD599 SE, the Sennheiser CX Plus will also be on sale for Amazon Prime Day next week and will see their MSRP slashed by 48% to right under $100.

With a 24-hour battery life with the case, an IPX4 water-resistance and active noise cancellation, the Sennheiser CX Plus will line up with some of the best earbuds like the Sony WF-1000XM4 at around half the price when the deal goes into effect.

Sennheiser CX Plus: was $179 now $99 @ Amazon

Sennheiser CX Plus: was $179 now $99 @ Amazon
For on-the-go listening, the Sennheiser CX Plus are a top performer. With great sound quality, above average battery life, active noise cancellation and IPX4 water-resistance, these are a strong contender for best wireless earbuds in 2022. Deal starts July 12.

Each of Sennheiser’s two Amazon Prime Day deals brings something different to the table — and while we’re more apt to go for the Sennheiser HD599 SE due to its incredible performance, both deals are worth waking up early on July 12 to claim before they’re gone.

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