I look silly in an Oodie, but I don’t care with this toasty 50% Black Friday deal

Oodie Black Friday deal
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Black Friday is well underway, and from Patagonia to Lululemon, huge clothing deals can be found everywhere. But this isn’t just a deal on an oversized hoodie that will make you look a little silly (look above for exhibit A), it’s a huge saving on your heating bills this winter too.

Right now, you can get up to 50% off the Oodie in all different colors and styles — starting at just $54.50 in America, and from £35.60 in the U.K. Yes, house guests may chuckle at the sight of you (like my mom did last weekend), but they’re just jealous given how warm and comfortable it is. Trust me, you can save a ton on heating costs in this soft and toasty fleece-lined hoodie.

Oodie US deal

Black Oodie: was $109 now $54.50 @ Oodie

Black Oodie: was $109 now $54.50 @ Oodie
Snag yourself a Black Oodie for half price — basically a massive hoodie for wearing indoors with a sherpa fleece lining on the inside to keep you nice and warm as the temperatures plummet in the winter.

Oodie UK deal

Grey Oodie: was £89 now £35.60 @ Oodie

Grey Oodie: was £89 now £35.60 @ Oodie
The Black Oodie is also available, but at just under £20 more, the grey option is the more cost-effective way to go here. All the same gorgeously soft fabrics for maximum toastiness throughout the bitter British winter.

What makes the Oodie, which is based on a 6XL hoodie size, worth wearing around your home? Let’s start with what it’s made from — toasty sherpa fleece on the outside and a patented ToastyTek flannel fleecing on the outside. It seriously feels like one big hug when you wear it, and the external fabric is oh-so soft to the touch.

Plus, if you’re lazy like me when it comes to laundry, it’s fully machine washable with no bobbling to the fabric whatsoever. Of course, black is not the only option available. There are other simple colors like Navy and Grey, or you could go a little more aesthetically extravagant with the likes of purple tie-dye, penguin faces, or even one covered with pictures of chicken nuggets.

But what if you’re buying for two? Easy! You can buy one and get a second free right here. Make no mistake, you don’t want to be wearing one of these when walking out and around, but for chilling around the house in these cold temperatures, there’s no better Black Friday deal than this.

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