The MacBook Air M1 for $799 is the best October Prime Day laptop deal

MacBook Air M1 deal
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The Amazon Prime Day sales event is here, offering some impressive bargains on a lot of sought-after products. These sales are also one of the best times to save money on Apple products, which don’t often get sliced in price.

One prime example is Apple’s various different models of MacBook, and right now it’s possible to get a MacBook Air M1 on sale for $799 at Amazon. All models are currently $200 off the regular price, and are among the lowest prices we’ve seen for this particular MacBook since it launched some two years ago.

Apple MacBook Air M1: $999 $799 @ Amazon

Apple MacBook Air M1: $999 $799 @ Amazon
It may not be the newest MacBook Air in Apple’s line-up, but there’s still plenty to love about the MacBook Air M1. Fantastic battery life and performance, a 13.3-inch Retina display, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of internal storage. And now it’s $200 off the usual price, no matter which model you decide to go for.  

Now you may be thinking that this isn’t the latest and best MacBook Air, and you’d be right. Apple launched the M2 chip earlier this year, and wasted no time adding it to the MacBook Air M2. Not only does the MacBook Air M2 offer better battery life and strong performance, it’s also had a redesign that includes MagSafe connector.

Then again the newer model is more expensive and has a notched display, both of which aren’t exactly major selling points. The new low price of the Macbook Air M1, along with its notch-free display certainly makes it appealing. Especially since the M1 chip still manages to offer incredible battery life and performance.

You’re looking at over 14 hours of battery life, the ability to run iPhone and iPad apps on your desktop, Dolby Atmos sound, a crisp and clear Retina display, dual USB-C ports (with Thunderbolt 3) and a headphone jack. Not to mention the impressively smooth and stable performance afforded by Apple’s first in-house silicon chip. It may not be the best CPU Apple has anymore, but it’s still darn good — especially compared to the Intel chips MacBooks were rocking beforehand.

There are no bad MacBooks these days, and that makes saving $200 off the normal price especially enticing. Don't miss this! 

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