Early Prime Day deal: Amazon mesh Wi-Fi router just dropped $140

Eero Pro 6 mesh WiFi
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There’s nothing more frustrating than poor a Wi-Fi signal, but with one of the best mesh routers you can eliminate dead zones and stretch your internet connection to cover even the largest homes. Unfortunately, mesh router networks are usually fairly pricey, but thanks to early Prime Day deals boosting your Wi-Fi strength has rarely been cheaper. 

For a limited time, you can get the Eero Pro 6 mesh router (two-pack) on sale for $259 at Amazon. That’s a $140 saving compared to the device's standard price of $399. It’s also among the lowest ever prices we’ve seen for a two-piece Eero Pro 6 kit. But you will need an Amazon Prime subscription in order to claim this deal.

Eero Pro 6 (two-pack) was $399 now $259 @ Amazon

Eero Pro 6 (two-pack) was $399 now $259 @ Amazon
This early Prime Day deal sees the Eero Pro 6 (two-pack) crash to just $259, that's $140 off. This mesh router setup will cover up to 3,500 square feet and help eliminate dead zones and areas of poor coverage throughout your home. The Eero Pro 6 is also extremely simple to set up taking less than 15 minutes in our testing. 

Wondering what is a mesh Wi-Fi router? It’s essentially a system of Wi-Fi access points that are joined together to share one seamless network that stretches over a larger area than a single Wi-Fi router. They are primarily used to eliminate dead zones and boost connection speeds in larger houses and apartments, particularly ones that stretch over multiple floors. 

We rank the Eero Pro 6 as one of the best mesh routers on the market, primarily because of its great range, dynamic tri-band operation and extremely simple setup. In our Eero Pro 6 review, we concluded it was the perfect choice for anyone who wants “Wi-Fi 6 networking without the hassle.” In fact, we even labeled its setup process as “one of the quickest and easiest routines” of any mesh system we’ve reviewed. 

In our tests, a single unit covered 2,000 square feet with a reasonably fast Wi-Fi speed, but the two-pack increased this distance to around 3,500 square feet — and we were able to set up a three-piece system in about 11 minutes. The Eero Pro 6 does especially well at mid-range distances but understandably doesn’t offer the same speeds as some of the more pricey options like the Linksys Atlas Max 6E which costs around $500. 

If you’re looking to boost your home internet speed without spending a fortune upgrading your Wi-Fi package, then a mesh router could be the ideal solution. And thanks to this early Prime Day deal supercharging your Wi-Fi is now cheaper than ever. 

With the event itself less than two weeks away, Prime Day deals are really heating up now. And the savings are only going to get bigger from here. So, make sure to keep it locked to Tom’s Guide and our Prime Day hub for all the biggest deals and sales all the way through the event. 

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