Our favorite budget vacuum just crashed to $77 in Black Friday deal — lowest price ever

iLife V3s Pro
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I expect to see a lot of robot vacuum deals this holiday season. However, if you're on a tight budget — I don't think we'll see anything better than this. 

For a limited time, you can get the iLife V3s Pro on sale for $77.34 at Amazon. It's already at steal for $107, but the on-page digital coupon drops it further to just $77. It's one of the best early Black Friday deals we've seen. 

iLife V3s Pro $159 $77 @ Amazon

iLife V3s Pro $159 $77 @ Amazon
Our favorite budget robot vacuum cleaner just got cheaper for Black Friday. While it lacks the smarts of more expensive models, the V3s Pro is an excellent robo vac, picking up virtually everything we threw in its path — including pet hair. In our iLife V3s Pro review, we named the Editor's Choice vacuum the best budget cleaner. Activate the on-page digital coupon to drop its price from $107 to an all-time low of $77. 

If you're not familiar with the iLife V3s Pro, don't fret. It holds a spot in our list of the best robot vacuums. In our lab tests, the iLife V3s Pro picked up 99.5 percent of all pet hair, and scored a 97 percent overall — that's cleaning up hair, Cheerios, and sand on both hardwood and carpet. It also did well in real-world tests, as you can read in our iLife V3s Pro review.

Now, with a budget robot vacuum, there are a few tradeoffs. The V3s Pro cleans in a random pattern, which means that it will take longer to vacuum a room than a smarter robot vacuum that travels in a grid. And while the V3s Pro comes with a remote control, you can't connect it to your Wi-Fi or control it with an app on your smartphone. But you can program it to run when you're not at home.

Normally, the V3s Pro is priced at about $159, which is pretty good already, but this deal knocks it down to $77, which is a price we don't think we'll see again this month. (or this year). 

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