Google unveils new Chromebook Plus laptops with integrated Gemini AI

Chromebook Plus AI features
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Google just announced the next iteration of the company’s Chromebook Plus lineup of laptops. Launched last year, the Chromebook Plus laptops are slightly upgraded versions of the regular Chromebook. 

OEMs like Acer and HP, which are releasing Chromebook Plus laptops, must feature these specs: 8GB+ of RAM, 128GB+ of storage, a 1080P+ IPS display and a webcam with Temporal Noise Reduction. They can also feature an Intel Core i3 and above or AMD Ryzen 7000 series and above processors

The focus, as with all things Google this year, is on the integration of Google AI into the newest Chromebooks. Last year’s models did have some AI integration that mostly focused on conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. 

With the recently announced upgrades to Gemini and other AI tools, Google is leaning in on AI this summer, and Chromebooks are seeing some of that. 

We had a chance to test the new AI tools and Google has found a good way to make AI part of the OS, and not just a nice extra. 


There are several productivity tools like ‘Help me write’ to refine text, and Google Task and Calendar gives access to to-do lists and appointments across devices.

Adaptive charging tracks your usage patterns and uses that to preserve battery health by “limiting the amount of time the devices spends at 100% charge.”

Some tools aren’t immediately available but Google says they will come this year. Chromebooks will now summarize previously opened windows. They’re also adding a “Help me Read” feature to summarize websites and PDFs.


While last year’s models did have AI integrated into the cameras it appears that conference call apps will see more new AI-enhanced features.

A feature called Screencast is supposed to make it easier to record and edit shared content. It’s also supposed to automatically translate into up to 12 languages. Google did show off some live translation features with Gemini at the I\O conference this year, though that had more touted languages. It’s unclear if this is separate from Gemini.

Simpler features include generative AI wallpapers and video call backgrounds. There’s also noise cancellation and lighting adjustments.


Lastly, Chromebook Plus laptops are getting some form of Gemini. The AI assistant is pre-installed and is supposed to help with brainstorming, breaking down a dense document or generating images.

Though Google appears to be focusing on the Work side of Gemini, Chromebook Plus will have Gemini for Google Workspace, which ties together the Google suite, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides and the Chrome browser.

Last year’s models launched at $399, even with the upgraded specs. This year’s models are going to be less expensive at $349. There is also a new Acer 516GE that is supposed to be gaming-focused and debuts at $699, but that’s far different from the more work-focused machines mentioned here.

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