You can talk to ChatGPT with Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) — here’s what we know

Nothing Ear 2024 in black on a surface with paint flaking off
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Nothing just announced its next series of headphones, the Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a), which offer the unique feature of ChatGPT integration.

The new integration will allow users with the latest Nothing OS to press and hold the earbuds' stalks to speak to the ChatGPT app. If issuing commands to the chatbot via your earbuds doesn't appeal, then the Nothing OS update also includes widgets for using ChatGPT straight from the home screen, either via text, voice or image search. 

Nothing ear (a)

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The ChatGPT integration will only be available on Nothing earbuds connected to Nothing phones, and currently only the Nothing Phone (2). But this update will be coming to the Nothing Phone (1) and the Nothing Phone (2a) via future software updates, Nothing promises.

Nothing Phone with ChatGPT widgets

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Returning to the buds themselves, the Ear and Ear (a) will be available from April 22 via Nothing’s website. The Nothing Ear will retail at $149/£129, while the Nothing Ear (a) will retail at $99/£99. 

Nothing Ear 2024 in black

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We have a hands-on report for the Nothing Ear (a) and Nothing Ear, and find the overall sound quality, especially in the case of the (a) model, fantastic for the price. Add to that the wealth of personalized features, the great ANC, and the ChatGPT integration, and it seems like Nothing is on to a winner. However, the lack of wireless charging, the perhaps too-small size and clunky connectivity, are a bit of a letdown. 

Nothing is working to implement AI into its devices in ways that are surprising, as well as impressive. If Nothing is an unknown brand to you, then see our recent review of the Nothing Phone (2) for further details on why the company stands out in the tech landscape. Meanwhile, we also have a list of tips to get the most out of ChatGPT.

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