ElevenLabs does it again — turns Google Veo clips into a music video using its own AI music generator

Veo AI video generator
(Image credit: Google)

Fresh off of Google's DeepMind using Project Astra to summarize the OpenAI event earlier this week and Synthesia slapping a face on ChatGPT-4o, AI firms are crossing the streams again.

This time, it's AI music generator ElevenLabs that's using Google's Veo engine to build a new song using a video which is, in itself, built from AI.

"We loved what we saw with Veo at Google I/O so we turned it into a music video using our AI generated sound effects and music," the ElevenLabs account posted on X.

Drop that robot beat

The dark, synthy vibe of the audio comes straight from the neon-drenched video from Veo, and there's a certain "sing what you see" about the whole thing.

ElevenLabs sings over the notes "neon towers in the sky, colors vivid shining bright", but interestingly refers to the cars as "flying cars" when they appear to be drifting on the ground, Is that AI-based artistic licence?

Still, it's undoubtedly impressive and shifts the tempo to be a little slower toward the end of the video when the aforementioned cars travel through a tunnel of light into real-world Hong Kong.

Overall this is another good example of the coming together of different AI tools to create something unexpected. ElevenLabs added voice to the first Sora videos released by OpenAI and here the company is showing off its newfound music skills.

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