Life After Sony Connect

MP3 File Manager

MP3 File Manager is another Sony solution to the problem of music transfer, though why it isn't publicized more remains a mystery. This serves, bizarrely enough, as a Sony-made alternative to a piece of flawed Sony-made software.

MP3FM is quicker to load, easier to use and more reliable than both SonicStage and Connect. MP3FM features little of its brothers' friendly GUI, instead placing a premium on accessibility. It uses a recognizable window-based drag and drop scheme to transfer files, meaning the learning curve is effectively non-existent.

File Manager is available for download at Sony Europe Personal Audio Support, and while the NW-HD series are not listed as supported, there seems to be no issue with them.

MP3FM is a folder-based application that allows for transfer directly to the player itself, keeping all of the relevant tags of course (NW-As simply aren't recognized by MP3FM during its device scan, which means NW-A users will have to choose between SonicStage and Connect).

File transfer is even easier than installation, which is a simple drop down menu.

Furthermore, installing MP3FM creates a folder for it on the device itself, instead of on a desktop. Inside is the executable file, meaning that the application can be run from the player itself on any machine supporting it as a USB drive. This solves Connect's issues with using multiple PCs, which, of course, results in wiping the player's data.

The only real issue with the MP3FM is that it can't create subfolders when adding files to a player; this means that when transferring tracks from multiple albums by the same artist, they will be entered as separate artists with the album title appended.

I'm sorry good looking. You'll have to stick with SonicStage.

Given the high premium on screen size, some users might find having to scroll through multiple instances of artists with several albums or compilations cumbersome, but considering the state of the software alternatives, it's worth the extra time taken to have "William Shatner Has Been" proceeded by "William Shatner Transformed Man" in the artist tree.

MP3 File Manager is very handy, though it can't be used to copy music files from a player back to a desktop. This is why we recommend that anyone not satisfied with Connect or SonicStage should switch to a combination of MP3 FM and Grab Your Music, which we describe below.

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