Apple, Amazon and B&N to Capture 87% of Tablet Market

What remains the same, however, is the fact that Apple controls more than half of the market, while Amazon and Barnes & Noble are the only other major vendors.

Of the 14.97 million tablets predicted by Digitimes Research to ship in Q1, 11 million or 73 percent will be iPad 2 and iPad 3 devices, leaving a little over 26 percent to Android. Amazon's Kindle will hit 1.5 million or about 10 percent share, followed by the Barnes & Noble Nook with 500,000 units and 4 percent share. Combined, these three manufacturers will dominate the tablet market with 87 percent market share.

If Digitimes Research is correct, then it also appears that non-iPad tablets are facing much more serious seasonal peaks in their sales: The company said that non-iPad tablet shipments will decline 51 percent sequentially. In Q1, 83 percent of all tablets shipped globally will have been assembled by Foxconn and about 10 percent by Quanta.

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  • mikenygmail
    The iA's have it.
  • del35
    That is perfectly rational. What is happening? Because most people are sooooooooooo ignorant about technology ( something The Church of iCrap thrives on), they have no clue that those organizations have nothing special to offer beyond the platform that an android phone provides. In fact an Android phone is far more cost effective and liberating than anything any of those companies offers. So yes, this article only points at the general cluelessness of the run of society.
  • jhansonxi
    100% - 73% Apple - 26% Android = 1% ? Windows?