Google Glass Simplifies Calling, Texting, Hangouts

Google Glass is supposed to make life easier for those who wear it, so it makes sense that its latest update simplifies how users contact friends and family. A new version of the MyGlass app lets users access their favorite contacts instantly and all others with only a little effort.

Joel Kalmanowicz of the Google Glass team shared the update via the official Glass Journal. Android users need to update MyGlass to version 3.2 while iOS users need version 0.7.0. The latest software update, XE20.1, revamps the way the Contacts list works.

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The most substantive part of the update is the ability to choose whether to call, text or initiate a hangout with any given contact. Tapping a contact brings up the three options, and then you can speak your mind in audio, video or written form.

Users will also be able to access their top 20 favorite and recent contacts via voice. After starring them in the MyGlass app, Glass Explorers need simply say a contact's name to start communicating with him or her. They'll still have to access less frequent contacts by hand, though.

Android users can start using the improved Contacts system right now, but iOS users will have to wait about a week for the software to hit. They'll also have to go through a slightly laborious process to import iOS contacts to Glass, which Kalmanowicz outlines in his blog post.

If you've got Google glass, you may as well use it to its full potential, so grab the update and see how it works for you. Everyone else will have to be content with making calls and texts the old-fashioned way for now.

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