Altec Lansing MX-5021

The 5021 is one of those powerful stereo systems with the THX label, designed for music lovers that want the latest, high-end sound, in a form factor that doesn't take up a lot of space.

Altec Lansing MX-5021 Manufacturer's Specifications
Bass amplifier power 50W
Satellite amplifier power 2 X 25W
Frequency response 30Hz - 22kHz
Line input 3.5mm stereo jack (subwoofer), 3.5mm auxiliary stereo jack (control)
Satellite dimensions 132mm X 260mm X 63mm
Subwoofer dimensions 220mm X 398mm X 310mm
Satellites With Looks

Like all powerful PC sound systems, the 5021 is built around an amplified subwoofer and two satellites. These look different from what you usually see: Fairly high, very flat but rather broad, with rounded edges, they are in glossy black plastic with a black fabric cover on the front through which you can see the speakers. Each satellite has two midranges of about 70mm topped by a dome/cone tweeter with a metal membrane of about 20mm mounted in a sort of little horn. The midranges have a polypropylene membrane and good rubber half-roller suspension.

If you open the satellite speaker, you can see a closed load with no absorber, which was maybe not too good of an idea. The filter has two ferrite core coils and three electrolytic capacitors. We expected better for what is to be sold as a high-end system. However, it has to be said that its looks and finish really do match its ambitions. To save space, the satellites can be wall-mounted with an attachment on the back.

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