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KinEmote: Bringing Kinect Hacking to All

14 Amazing Microsoft Kinect Hacks

The first hack we’re looking at is something everyone can use, regardless of programming know-how. Called KinEmote, the software package is ready to go without any sort of modifications and works with “thousands of Windows applications,” most notably Windows Media Center, PowerPoint and even Angry Birds.

KinEmote Control Windows Media Center, Boxee, XBMC

One of the marquee features of Kinect on the Xbox 360 is menu navigation through hand gestures, so instead of using the D-Pad or joystick to go through the main 360 UI, a simple swipe of the hand can bring you to your destination. KinEmote now offers the same features for Windows Media Center, XBMC, and Boxee. There is also a new super-precise mouse control option that lets you left-click the mouse cursor by closing your hand, and you can even drag and drop using this technique.

Games are another selling point for KinEmote, as demonstrated by this Angry Birds video.

Playing Angry Birds with KinEmote

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