Wi-Fi Causes Allergic Reactions In Santa Fe


A group of Santa Fe residents claim that they are allergic to Wi-Fi signals, according to a report published by local TV station KOB.

Arthur Firstenberg, representative of the group, opposes the installation of Wi-Fi networks in public buildings, as the signals cause "chest pain" that "does not go away right away." Firstenberg and "dozens of other electro-sensitive people in Santa Fe" believe that Wi-Fi networks in public locations therefore violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

KOB said that the city attorney is checking whether public Wi-Fi could be considered discrimination.

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  • sacre
  • sacre
    right... BS.

    Out of the millions of particles, allergins, things in the air. The dust, the heat, etc, its got to be the Wi-Fi...

    I don't think Wi-Fi will cause a person to have chest pains that "don't go away right away" w/e that means.
  • Anonymous
    BS BS BS .. placebo.. BS
    the amount of radiation reaching his body with or without wi-fi...