Polytron Announces Fez 2 is Canceled

Not too long ago, at the Horizon indie press conference held during E3 2013, it was revealed that Phil Fish and Polytron were working on Fez II, the sequel to the indie puzzle platformer. 

Today, Polytron announced via its Twitter that it has halted production of the game. "It's with a heavy heart that we announce that FEZ II has been cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the disappointment." Various outlets have followed up with Fish to confirm this.  

"It's true," said Fish in an email to Joystiq. 

The news followed a bit of Twitter drama between Fish and videogame journalist Marcus Beer. Beer, on his show Invisible Walls, attacked Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow (whom he fondly referred to as "Blowfish") for refusing to answer questions about the Xbox One.

At the end of a Twitter joust between Fish and Beer, Fish promptly locked down his Twitter and announced the cancellation of the game. 

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  • CDdude55
    Honestly judging from Phil Fish's tweets he is quite an arrogant asshole.

    As Destructoid said:

    "I really hope that Phil Fish collects himself and revives the project somewhere down the line. It's clear that he is emotionally unstable in some way and really needs to sit and reflect before moving on with his professional career."

    Even if the game was release i wouldn't want my money going to such a guy.
  • Assmar
    I only feel bad for his employees, and hope they can find work elsewhere, under someone who isn't a completely immature, egotistical prick.
  • alidan
    Phil Fish, he made a game i was looking forward to for YEARS
    but then i started to see the behind the scenes, and i just cant give my money to him, i can't play the game because i can't support him in any way, it takes a HELL of alot for me to not get something i want out of spite.