Nintendo Wii Consoles Used to Treat Serial Killers

Britain's The Sun reports that Broadmoor Hospital--home to some of Britain's most notorious serial killers--has shelled out taxpayer money to install twenty-two Nintendo Wii consoles. The hospital has even placed an order for extra Wii remotes so that the convicts can play together. Even more, the consoles will be hooked up to plasma TVs although the brand and screen size were not disclosed.

"This cash could have been spent improving care in the wider NHS," said a "source" within the hospital. "In the meantime all we hear is laughter as patients play with their new toys." The source also questioned if its right for society to pay for the consoles knowing "the crimes and misery" these serial killers have caused.

The source goes on to paint a picture of the serial killers playing the Wii: the "Yorkshire Ripper" throwing a round of ten pin bowling while convicted murderer Robert Napper watches the game with a big happy grin. The report also indicates that these serial killers will also receive Wii Fit games, adding to their library of fun.

So what's the deal? These convicts get to terrorize and kill civilians and then get locked up with their favorite video games? A spokesperson for the Broadmoor Hospital told The Sun that the consoles are part of the overall treatment, and the Wii Fit is geared to increase their amount of exercise.

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  • ukcal
    Wii Operation, anyone?
  • pcxt21
    You cannot treat the criminally insane. Treatment implies a re-integration with society, which none of these men can ever hope for in there wildest dreams. As such the only thing these mad men should be enjoying is a padded room for the rest of there lives not the latest video games. It down right disgraceful, serial killers are not allowed to have fun. They should be living in a 3 foot wide cell not playing Wii bowling.
  • coonday
    I hope they don't give them Mad World